So, I got a kind link for the high and mighty Marmot, and what happens? The ISP’s database goes down, and with it, my website. Argh….

Anyhow, thanks to the Marmot for the link.

A question for anyhow who has the interest. At the moment, I list my email address in my “About” section, spelling it out in order to avoid spam (koreapopwars at gmail dat com). Is this just too inconvenient for most people? Should I add a direct link on the main page?

There was similar logic behind my lack of comments’ sections. Wanted to avoid Spam and flamewars (and people asking me to add Super Junior concerts to my list). But would people like a comments section? (As a test run, I have opened this thread to comments).

If people have any other requests or suggestions, please let me know. The Gig Guide is still young and in its formative stages. Would be happy to modify if something different would be useful/interesting for people.

2 thoughts on “Erp…

  1. Hi Mark

    I think comments are a good idea. I don’t think you’ll get that many Elves leaving comments. Trolls are another matter though…

    Good to see a couple of familiar names in your links list. Anna just did an article on Ruby Salon for LKL

    Good to see you the other day

    All the best

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