Her Name Is Yozoh…

YOZOH, the self-titled debut by Yozoh, a young singer on the Pastel Music label, was released in late November last year, but I just got around to listening to it recently. It is quite a nice album, and I thought I might add a few comments.


Yozoh’s sound is quite reminiscent of Charlotte Gainsbourg, with perhaps some Lee Sang-eun thrown in. Most of the songs are light and very listenable. Mostly just Yozoh singing on top of a guitar and some very light percussion.

First song, MY NAME IS YOZOH, is the catchiest on the album and can get into your head quite quickly. SHOOTING STAR is not bad either. SUM BAKKOKJIL is also quite good.

The biggest problem with the album, though, is that some of the songs are so light that they threaten to turn to mush, with no hook and no structure, just sort of meandering all over the place. Very nice, but not much more. NAJJAM (Nap) is perhaps the worst offender of the bunch.

Speaking of bunches, BANANA PARTY is the most unfortunate song on the album. Not the worst song (in fact it is rather catchy), and the latest in a long line of food-related songs that are so popular in Korea (see Pipi Band’s STRAWBERRY). But the double entendres in the banana chorus are rather disturbing…

Anyhow, I am curious to see what Yozoh is like live. If you are too, there are two more chances to see her live in March. She is supposed to be supporting the Sogyomo Acacia Band at Ssamzie Space tomorrow (Sunday), at a 5pm concert. And at the end of the month, on March 30, Yozoh leads an all-Pastel show at Ssamzie at 6:30.

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