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So the Marmot excitedly links to a Joongang Daily story about some Flower Power Peace Festival that is supposed to be held May 4 and 5 at Olympic Park. The concert organizers claim the show will feature Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Alan Parsons Project, Don McLean, Donovan, Linda Ronstadt, Judy Collins, Crystal Gale and more. “Maybe Elton John,” the article tells us. Huzzah.

But then the cynic in me kicked in, so I started doing some Googling, went to a few web pages. And here is the funny thing — none of the big artists listed have the Flower Power show on their itinerary. Not Neil Young or Don McLean or Donovan. No word on Dylan’s website. Elton John is supposed to be performing in Austria on May 3, so he seems unlikely.

On the other hand, Alan Parsons’ website mentions Korea, but for May 3. Judy Collins says May 4. Dr. Hook says May 3 and 4. Crystal Gale says May 4. Janice Ian says May 4, too.

Now, those outstanding artists have blank spots on their concert calendars for the May 5-6 time, so it is possible they could come. But for the moment, I am filing this under “overambitious organizer.” Not saying it is impossible, but I am skeptical.

I should also point out that I see no established concert organizers associated with this event. Not Yellow9 or whomever. The Joongang story says that it is being organized by Gangwon Broadcasting, who is not really known for being a big event organizers… although, considering they bought MK Pictures last year for $16 million, maybe they have a lot of money to burn.

It could be that the organizers have a couple of artists signed up and are trying to lock down the others, and are exaggerating to drive early ticket sales (it has been known to happen here).

Hrm… Having written this, I looked at some comments at the Marmot’s Hole and Dave’s ESL Cafe and I see that plenty of people have come to the same conclusion I have. So, once again, I am slow. Anyhow, kind of interesting, but I’ll be pretty skeptical until I see anyone perform. Korean fly-by-night concert promoters have a bad reputation for trying to skip out on their bills or renegotiating terms at the last minute (a reputation good people like Yellow9 have been trying hard to change), so we’ll see…

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