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Jeonju Gigs?

Looks like I will be in Jeonju this weekend, for the Jeonju International Film Festival. While I am there, I thought it might be nice to check out a live show or two… unfortunately, I know nothing about the Jeonju club scene.

Anyone out there in Internet world know anything about live music in Jeonju?

Weekend Concerts

A crazy selection of shows this weekend — nine shows on Friday, twelve on Saturday and another seven on Sunday. Friday is Sound Day/Club Day, of course. But Saturday is even busier. And this list does not include several shows that I have overlooked.

Anyhow, since my screwed up calendar erases a day’s events at 12:01 each day, I’m reprinting the whole weekend’s schedule here. Or at least that was my intention. It is already Friday evening. At least here is Saturday and Sunday.


  • 500 – Oriental Lucy album release party – 7pm
  • Olympic Hall – James Blunt
    Time: 7:00pm. Admission: 66-99,000 won.
  • Mudaeryuk – Color Sound
    Time: 8:00pm
  • Evans – Yu Jeong-hyeon Bossa Nova Project
    Time: 9:00pm.
  • Jane’s Groove – Various
    Time: 8:00pm. Various Aussie and Kiwi Bands. And Yoon Do-hyun Band is supposed to play.
    Jane’s Groove is located in the basement of the building where Rocky Mountain Tavern is.
  • DGBD – Rock Tigers, We Need Surgery, Short Cat
    Time: 11:00pm. Admission: 10,000 won.
  • Velvet Banana – Freestyle One Rap Battle
    Time: 6:00pm. Admission: 5,000 won. Featuring Gamblers, Diz’One
  • FF – The Waking Party, Animal Dads, We Need Surgery
    Time: 11:00pm. Admission: 10,000 won.
  • Club Bbang – Vidulgi Ooyoo, Atom Book, Oyster Boys
    Time: 7:30pm. Admission: 12,000 won.
  • Club Ta – Pia – Unplugged
    Time: 7:00pm. Admission: 33,000 won
  • Yogiga – Silence System (Japan), Sato Yukie, Sue Lee (Australia), Joan Laage (USA), David Thombrugh (USA), 1KA (France), Reno & Na/Da (France), Shawn McAlpine (New Zealand)
    Time: 7:00pm. Admission: ???
  • 04/27/2008

  • Soundholic – Broken Valentine (opening), Denmark Elephant, Loro’s, Demian, Band Zoo, Cloud Cuckoo Land
    Time: 6:00pm. Admission: 15,000 won
  • Liveclub Ssam (Ssamzie Space) – Lucite Tokki, Dawn, Donawhale
    Time: 6:30pm. Admission: 18,000 won.
  • Club Ta – The 40 Days, Sotto Gamba, Lucas Kwong vs. Inquisition
    Time: 12:00am. Admission: Free. Starts late Saturday night (technically Sunday morning)
  • Club Ta – Pia – Unplugged
    Time: 5:00pm. Admission: 33,000 won. Unplugged show
  • Yogiga – Bulgasari – experimental noise
    Time: 4:00pm. Bulgasari is an experimental noise collective. Performing this week are Silence System(from Japan), Sato Yukie, Lee Han Joo, Michael Oakley, Hong Shine, Jo Yong Min
  • Skunk Hell – Royal Winks, Go Go Star, Ballad Of Donkey, Propeller 21, Shuttle Loop, Coin Classic, Lego
    Time: 6:00pm. Admission: 10,000 won.
  • Pentaport — 1st Announcement

    The Pentaport 2008 site is live. Although it appears to be at least partly under construction still.

    The first list of bands is up, and so far it is not a lot different from what most people had figured out already — Feeder, The Gossip, Go! Team, Princess Superstar, Travis and Underworld are all playing.

    In addition we now have End of Fashion, Hard-Fi, Ozomatli, London Elektricity and DJ Accomplice.

    Among Korean bands, there is Lee Sang-eun, Broccoli Neomajeo, Galaxy Express, Lee Han-chul, and Sogyumo Acadia Band with Yozoh.

    Plenty more to come, of course. The websites of DJ Darren Price and the band Paramore claim they will be playing at Pentaport. Organizers told me to expect at least one more big name/band. But I am sure there will be plenty of Korean and Japanese acts, too.

    Just to refresh — this year’s Pentaport will be held July 25-27. Last year tickets cost 88,000 won for one day, 132,000 won for two days and 165,000 won for the whole festival. Pentaport is held in the god-forsaken part of Songdo, west of Incheon right along the west coast. There are a few hotels near-ish, but they usually sell out quickly. But taking a taxi from Pentaport to Shinchon cost me just 40,000 won (two years ago), so worse-comes-to-worst, it is pretty much affordable to taxi it.

    Short Pentaport Update

    Two more acts claim to be playing at Pentaport this year — Gossip and Paramore.

    They join the other acts that unofficially have announced they will be coming — Go! Team, Feeder, Princess Superstar and Underworld.

    Still nothing official from Pentaport organizers at Yellow 9 Entertainment. But the Pentaport website now says that the site officially opens on April 24 at 2pm.

    Happiness — Oriental Lucy on CD

    It is not secret I am a big fan of ORIENTAL LUCY. So it is with a happy heart that I can report that the band is having a release party for its first mini-CD on Saturday. There will be a showcase and a couple of bands playing.


    The fun begins at 5pm 7pm (OL’s latest email now says 7 o’clock) at the Hongdae club 500 (which is apparently close to the AA Design Academy, if you know where that is). Not sure how late the festivities will run, but as you can see in the concert calendar, Saturday (indeed, all weekend) is chock full of concerts. Come for ORIENTAL LUCY, and stay for the whole evening.


    In case you cannot find 500, I dug up this poor map in the outer reaches of the World Wide Web… hope it helps.


    First Guest Post

    Hey, it is my first guest posting. Courtesy of Shawn, who talks about the Club Ta concert back on April 5. So the review is a little old, but it was a really good show and it is a good review, so here it is. Pics are courtesy of Matt, who also attended.

    Sound Party featuring Orgeltanz and Oriental Lucy Apr. 5th
    Club Ta (Hongdae)

    Presented by Speakeasy, tonight’s multi-act bill at Club Ta was dedicated to the art zine’s pal, HongSun Yoon, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Honoring her memory, an awesome crowd and diverse selection of wonderful sounds from Seoul’s indie scene combined to create a fantastic, positive vibe in the mid-sized Hongdae venue.

    Orgeltanz kicked off the night’s festivities with a tight 30-minute performance of their eclectic, world music-inspired folk. Opening with “Champagne,” the group’s mix of accordion, violin, and various percussive instruments such as darbuka, djembe, cabasa, and a way-too-cool rainstick with rock club staples guitar and bass created a unique, refreshing style not oft-heard in the Korean underground. Canadian belly dancer Eshe emerged during “Orgeltanz,” her playful, yet sensuous shimmying adding even more of an ethnic edge to the performance. With band and dancer locked into a tight groove, “Marca Ui Mangto” proved to be an effective closer as it definitely left everyone wanting more.


    Fun sets from Manggongedul, Kingston Rudieska, and Hongia Band had the lively Ta audience well primed for Oriental Lucy.


    Lead by stylish vocalist SooHee Yeon, the quartet’s infectious soulful indie rock soon had many attendees dancing along. Clutching her vintage microphone tightly, all eyes were glued to Yeon as she swayed and bounced while belting out top-notch tunes such as “Butterfly Kiss” from the act’s new self-titled EP. Feeling energized after a cover of Weezer’s “Island In The Sun,” Oriental Lucy’s guitarist climbed atop of the bass drum during their finale. Pleas of “encore” brought the band out for one more number, and left little doubt as to why they are considered among the city’s best.


    Thanks again Shawn and Matt.

    Pentaport Preview

    We were supposed to know the lineup for this year’s PENTAPORT by now, but organizers say they are having “problems with the website” (whatever that means), which is delaying things. In the meantime, I came across this poster recently:


    Not sure if the poster is a fake or a preliminary or what. COLDPLAY’s website say they are playing in British Columbia on July 27, so I assume they will not be playing at Pentaport. METALLICA plays in Turkey on July 27, so they will not be coming here. THE FEELING has a show in England on July 25.

    Nothing announced for RADIOHEAD and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE over the Pentaport period, so it is possible they could be playing here. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE has not listed their summer tour dates on their website yet. Nothing at FALL OUT BOY’s website, either.

    UNDERWORLD, on the other hand, do have Pentaport on their Myspace page.

    Not on the poster, but GO TEAM’s website says they will be playing at Pentaport. Which is huge for me — I love the GO TEAM. Very, very exciting.

    Hrm… A quick Google search turned up Iceberg’s website. Where he claims that FEEDER and PRINCESS SUPERSTAR are also signed on.

    That’s all I know for now. Will update as soon as I hear from the concert organizers.

    Big Shows in May

    Several big concerts have been announced for May. While I am more interested in indie gigs, I thought people might like to know about them.

    First, an update on the Hippy Flower Power Peace Concert at Jamsil on May 4 and 5. It looks like organizers have a more finalized lineup. No Neil Young or Bob Dylan, but they have now added BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS (May 5 only).


    May 2 is an electronica night at the Sheridan Walker Hill, featuring CLASSIZQUAI, TOMOYUKI TANAKA (of Fanastic Plastic Machine), SHINICHI ASAWA (of Mondo Grosso), COLDFEET and more.


    GROOVE ARMADA is coming to Seoul on May 11, along with CUT CHEMIST. Show starts at 11:30pm at the Sheridan Walker Hill.


    Finally, May 21-24 is the SEOUL JAZZ FESTIVAL. Not many big names, but it looks like some decent shows. All the shows are at the Sejong Cultural Center. Click on the image to get the full size poster.


    Still no word on this summer’s PENTAPORT. News should be coming any time now…

    Last-Minute Vidulgi

    I just found out that VIDULGI OOYOO is going to be playing a show tonight (Saturday). The show is at 7:30 at a club called FALL — it is in between Dongdaemun and Wangsimni. The little map on the poster says Wangsimni Station, exit 4. If you go to the Club Fall website, there is a slightly better map and a couple of phone numbers.