Pentaport — 1st Announcement

The Pentaport 2008 site is live. Although it appears to be at least partly under construction still.

The first list of bands is up, and so far it is not a lot different from what most people had figured out already — Feeder, The Gossip, Go! Team, Princess Superstar, Travis and Underworld are all playing.

In addition we now have End of Fashion, Hard-Fi, Ozomatli, London Elektricity and DJ Accomplice.

Among Korean bands, there is Lee Sang-eun, Broccoli Neomajeo, Galaxy Express, Lee Han-chul, and Sogyumo Acadia Band with Yozoh.

Plenty more to come, of course. The websites of DJ Darren Price and the band Paramore claim they will be playing at Pentaport. Organizers told me to expect at least one more big name/band. But I am sure there will be plenty of Korean and Japanese acts, too.

Just to refresh — this year’s Pentaport will be held July 25-27. Last year tickets cost 88,000 won for one day, 132,000 won for two days and 165,000 won for the whole festival. Pentaport is held in the god-forsaken part of Songdo, west of Incheon right along the west coast. There are a few hotels near-ish, but they usually sell out quickly. But taking a taxi from Pentaport to Shinchon cost me just 40,000 won (two years ago), so worse-comes-to-worst, it is pretty much affordable to taxi it.

2 thoughts on “Pentaport — 1st Announcement

  1. finally…
    but i’m still hoping there will be better bands to come, especially if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

    still pumped though!!

  2. Don’t forget to mention that all announced acts are subject to cancel. How many big names turned out to be no-shows at last year’s festival? Three? Four?

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