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Summer Breeze Blows (Out)

Looks like the Summer Breeze concert, which was supposed to be help next weekend, has been canceled. Not a huge surprise, I guess. While it was nice to see people trying to organize so many music festivals this summer, most looked pretty underwhelming. And most of these wanna-be promoters do not seem to understand the Korean concert market and its many difficulties.

Speaking of summer festivals, what did people think of Pentaport this year? Sadly, I was working straight through the weekend and did not have a chance to check it out. But from the blogs and newspaper articles I read, it seems like people enjoyed it (hey! pictures).Feel free to comment if you went and have any opinions on this year’s show.

Liancourt Rocks!

While the Korean newspapers and politicians engage in one of their regular bouts of Dokdo worrying, another far greater case of Japanese cultural imperialism is going on in Korea — a Japanese band is trying to lay claim to Shin Joong-hyun, the godfather of Korean rock.

Okay, I joke, In fact, Sato Yukie’s great band Gokchangjeongol — a band dedicated to covering Korean classic rock music — will be playing tonight at 8pm in Bucheon, and part of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. Yukie is a great guy, lots of fun, but this is a rare chance to hear the band that made him famous and brought him to Korea.

The concert is supposed to be held on the grass in front of the Bucheon city hall. No idea what they will do if it rains… Will try to update here in case it gets moved or canceled.

UPDATE: Turns out Gopchangjeongol will have a second concert you can catch — Tuesday, July 22 at Club FB in Hongdae. Club FB is near Hapjeong Station, across the street from the jazz bar Moon Glow.


BTW, sorry the concert calendar is a little sparse at the moment. Have been rather busy lately and have not updated it enough. Will try to do more soon.

Absent and Absinthe

So, you say are you living in Busan and there is no way you can make it up to Seoul for Pentaport, and it has you feeling down. Sure, you can wear black, smoke clove cigarettes and mope, but somehow that’s just not enough. You want something just a little more, dammit.

Well, how about an absinthe party? Yeah, the funky people living down in Busan are getting an Absinthe Party on July 26 at Club Circe (in the Kyungsung University area).


Yeah, Busan gets all the cool stuff. They also have a free, two-day rock concert down on Dadaepo Beach on Aug. 2-3. Sweet.

If You See Just One Show This Weekend… (July 11-13)

A bit of an usual weekend for shows coming up, with plenty of great choices on Friday and Sunday, as well as Saturday. Gogo Stars and Seogyo Group Sound both have album release parties (Gogo Stars on Friday at FF at 7:30, Seogyo Group Sound on Saturday at FF beginning at 6pm). Sunday even features the classic Korean rocker Yang Byeong Jip singing at a special Burma charity show at Club Bbang.

But if I had to vote for just one show, it would be the I&I Djangdan concert at Club Cargo on Friday night. Doors open at 9pm and the band starts around 11-ish. I&I Djangdan is a reggae dub band, and judging by their Myspace page, a pretty good one.  Plenty of Youtube videos available, too (here and here and here, to get you started).


Pentaport Final Line-up

Pentaport organizers just announced their “final” line-up for this year’s rock festival, adding a few new bands to the bill — Copy Machine, The Vines, Oh! Brothers, Jaurim, Peter Pan Complex, Double Famous, Sweater, DJ Rap, Lowdown 30, DJ Psyko, and DJ Flamenco. You can see the new schedule on the image below.


Go to for more information.

ETP Update

Two new bands just added to Seo Taiji’s ETP Fest concert in August — Maximum the Hormone and Death Cab for Cutie. I have never heard of Maximum the Hormone before, but their Myspace page is here. Reminds me a bit of Ministry. Death Cab for Cutie could be fun (although I am more of a fan of The Postal Service). This is turning into one of the best summers for music ever in Korea.