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Cosmic Concert — Jamiroquai Jams in Seoul

Looks like Jamiroquai will be coming to Korea — according to and other sources (including Niels, over in the forum). The band is supposed to play at the COEX Mall of all places, on Nov. 14 at 8pm. Tickets are standing only and range from 100,000 to 120,000 won.

UPDATE: The online ticketing service Interpark is now saying the Jamiroquai concert will be held at Olympic Park. Which would be far more logical. But I do not know which location is correct. Does anyone have tickets and care to let me know?

Battle of the Bands?

A reader named Cain wrote in and told me that he is organizing a Battle of the Bands competition, which will run in November. Kind of nifty, assuming he can pull it off. Best of luck to him and his Battle.

His message follows:

Hey guys i’m organising a battle of the bands in Ole Stompers in Iteawon during November and was wondering if anyone here is interested in playing.
There will be three heats played on Sat 8th Nov, Sat 15th Nov and Sat 22nd of Nov. The winner of each night will go to the final on Sat 29th Nov. In addition the best runner up of the three nights will also qualify for the final. So bands need to be free for one of the heat nights and MUST be available to play the night of the final.
The Grand prize is 1,000,000won cold hard cash! Also we are working on prizes for the runners up including studio time, alcohol and any other shit we can get our hands on! Bands will be judged on originality, stage preformance, musicianship and crowd reaction.
For those of you who have been to Stompers before you know what to expect. For those who haven’t expect a warm welcome, an owner who is also a musician and knows how to treat bands, free beer and a crowd who love rockn’roll. We going to really promote this show so expect a big crowd.

If you’re interested let me know as soon as you can. Also if there is a date you would prefer to play let me know and i will do my best to keep everybody happy. Closing date for applications is 8th November. Please include a myspace or something where i can check out your tunes


Friend of Pipi

Okay, this is just weird. It is a music video for the new group EE, which features Lee Yoon-jung, the former singer of Pipi Band many years ago.

I think there is only a CD single out at the moment, but it is good to see Lee back in the music scene. Her work with Pipi Band (Ppippi? Bibi? whatever) is probably the biggest single reason I stuck around Korea long enough to get to know the place and appreciate it.

Some other notes…

  • As long as I am talking about electronica, I should point out DJ Soulscape (but better info here). He apparently has an album out that is all remixed Korean classic rock, but I have not been able to track it down yet. You can here one track from that album on his Myspace page.
  • I have heard Soulscape is supposed to be playing at this year’s CMJ music festival in New York City, but there is nothing about that on the CMJ’s website yet.
  • Not sure what I make of this yet.
  • LCD Soundsystem Is Playing at My House, My House (maybe)

    Is this for real? Is LCD Soundsystem really coming to Korea?

    Last night, while walking around Hongdae, I saw a bunch of posters for LCD Soundsystem. Apparently on Oct. 10, they will be playing at Club Mass (9-ish?), then at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel at 11pm. (see the update below).

    Maybe it is not a concert, though. Could just be James Murphy DJ-ing. Hard to tell from the websites I have looked at, and nothing is listed on LCD Soundsystem’s official website or Myspace page. Please let me know if you have heard anything more.

    UPDATE: Aha. I should have known to check the Seoul Sounds website first. Looks like LCD Soundsystem will just be a DJ set, not a full concert. Will be playing at Club Mass at 1 am (which technically would make it Oct. 11).


    Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Superstar Deejay, Here We Go…

    Big weekend for breakdancing in Hongdae this weekend. The 7th B-Boy Challenge is going on at Ghost Theater and the Under Lounge (the same building as Mister Donut). The fun starts Friday at 5pm, then continues Saturday at 4pm.

    In addition to many of Korea’s top b-boy teams, the B-Boy Challenge will also feature several of the country’s top graffiti artists and deejays.

    Click on the following picture for details and a map.


    Chris Murray Trio Tonight

    Ack, bad me. I totally forgot to remind everyone about the Chris Murray concerts going on in town this weekend. Last night the band played with Kingston Rudieska in Itaewon. But tonight they play at DGBD in Hongdae, along with I&I Djangdan (and a couple of other bands). Should be a pretty wild show.

    Starts at 9pm, btw.

    Many thanks to Jon for bringing the act to Seoul. Lord knows we need more of this sort of thing.

    Chuseok Concerts

    With Chuseok coming this weekend, the concert scene will be a little light, especially on Saturday night. As you can see on the concert calendar, there are a few events listed, but not a lot. There is more going on Friday night, for a change.

    In fact, the FF show on Friday evening looks particularly interesting — Plastic Day and Mineri  are two of my staplebands. Not a home run, but a solid show.

    But following Chuseok, the calendar really heats up. You have:

    – German jazz band at Moon Glow on Sept. 16

    – Chris Murray Trio  on the 19th (in Itaewon) and 20th (in Hongdae)

    – A couple of concerts sponsored by Gap, at Sangsang Madang on Sept. 26 and 27

    – American band Have Heart playing on Sept. 27 (Hongdae) and Sept. 28 (Cheongju!)

    Japanese band Lamp playing Sept. 26 and 27 in Samseong-dong (provisional recommendation, depending on whether this is the Lamp I am hoping it is) Crap. Different Lamp. This Lamp is a very Pastel-styled mellow, catchy group. If that is your thing, though, check it ou.

    – And then there are all those festivals in October. Ssamzie. Grand Mint. (Btw, I have heard rumors that Grand Mint has one more big announcement to make about its lineup…)

    Sangsang Madang’s 1st Birthday

    Congratulations to Sangsang Madang, the arts space in Hongdae that is run by the Korea Tobacco & Ginseng. Until Sept. 7, Sangsang is holding the Sangsang Festa, featuring outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, movies and more.

    Live shows on Saturday start at 3pm, and on Sunday they start at 4pm.  And they are all free.

    Btw, does anyone else think that the Sangsang Madang building looks rather like the Skeksis’  castle in THE DARK CRYSTAL?


    PS: What the heck? I just went to the Sangsang Madang website and found a post for a free Hongdae tour for foreigners. The tour is Sept. 28 at 1:30 and goes to 5pm. Tour will be lead by the singer for Band the Mu:n (never heard then, although I have heard of them, I think). Tour is limited to 20 people, and you need to apply by Sept. 15.

    If Music Be the Food of Art

    Some big events coming up this week in Korea. Not really music-related, but they are definitely worth going to.

    First of all is the Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul (CHIFFS), the biggest film festival that calls Seoul home. Sure, it is not as big as PIFF or PiFan or JIFF, but  organizers are trying to turn it into something special. Considering it is just CHIFFS’s second year, I think they are doing a pretty good job.

    Actually, CHIFFS does have some music-related events, too — the outdoor screening of some classic silent films, with live music accompanying. The outdoor screenings will include TURNING POINT OF YOUNGSTERS, the oldest known surviving Korean film, which will also have a real “film talker” accompanying the movie. In the old days, movies in Korea often had a guy at the front who “narrated” along with the story. Very cool.


    (Would have liked to link to TURNING POINT, but like far too many crappy websites, CHIFFS is all java garbage and does not allow hotlinking. But if you go to the list of movies playing on Wednesday and scroll down to the bottom, you can find a link to the film).

    The other big event going on is even bigger — I’m talking about the latest Gwangju Biennale. Running Sept. 5 to Nov. 9, the Gwangju Biennale is often envelope-pushing and sometimes just plain weird, but it is pretty much the biggest art event in Korea and quite worth the trek down to Jeolla Province.