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UPDATE: I heard from John again, who says that presales for the Freebird show is now over 100. Sales to the Sunday night show at FF is slightly lower, but FF offers presales on its website, too. Now, there will definitely be tickets available at the door, but potentially not too many, so if you intend on attending either of the Lekman shows, be sure to get there early.

ORIGINAL POST: Just heard from John, the organizer of this weekend’s Jens Lekman concerts, and it looks like the venues have been changed again.

The Saturday show will now be held at Freebird — begins at 10:30pm and also features We Need Surgery and Rotary Sound. 25,000 won?

The Sunday show will be at FF — begins at 8pm and costs 25,000 won (with We Need Surgery, Pink Elephant and The Fist).

In other news… Battle of the Bands has its big finale this Saturday evening. Joining Round 1 winners Galaxy Express will be the winners of Round 2, Rabihem, and Round 3, The Pines (along with St. John the Gambler, judged the best runner-up). Go to Stompers to check out the big winner, starting at 10pm.

Myspace is rapidly expanding its reach in Korea. And this Friday Myspace will be sponsoring their first “secret” concert. The Secret Show will feature Nell and begin at 10 pm… But the location is a secret. You have to register with Myspace to find out. And since I have not registered, I do not know where (feel free to let me know if you know).

And don’t forget that Friday is Club Day. Plenty of bands playing at plenty of clubs. I will be adding the shows to the calendar later this evening.


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  1. There are 200 tickets available for the Lekman show at FF (200?! In that venue?). If you go to the FF homepage, there is a bank account number for sending money. But I have no idea how this works or how you can get a ticket reserved. Maybe you can call FF.

    Club Freebird has even less information on their website.

    I will ask John, the promoter, if there are any ticketing options.

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