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If you have wanted to learn more about Korean indie music, I just found out a great new way. Provided you live in Seoul. Over in Hongdae on the third floor of the Sangsang Madang building, there is an exhibition going on called Label Market.

There you can find about 50 music labels and over 500 bands’ CDs. A lot of those CDs have listening copies available and there are plenty of CD player, so you can just sit around listening to new and different music all day.

My favorite find of the day was a Foundation Records group called Koonta and Nuoliunce. Kind of reggae-hiphop and I was pretty shocked I liked it. Where did Foundation come from and why are they making so much good music these days?

In addition, the Market is featuring a whole bunch of mini-concerts and events… But, sadly, I cannot find a listing online, so you will need to go in person to see who is coming and when.

The Label Market runs until Feb. 1, so you still have six or seven weeks to check it out. But if you have a moment, I recommend it highly.

(Sorry but the Sangsang Madang website does not have any English).

2 thoughts on “Musical Meet Market

  1. I do believe it is open 1-10pm every day of the week until Jan. 24.

    Not sure about the week after that. Some posters I have seen say the label market continues for a week, but others say the market is closed and there will only be seven more live concerts in the B2 basement level.

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