Are These The Gals Your Mother Warned You About?

Here’s the schedule for the Wild Women Performance Arts Festival.  The event offers a wide range of performance styles from a great mix of local and foreign female artists.  Will definitely be a solid night.  Check it out if you’re looking for something interesting to do in Hongdae on Saturday.

20:00        Allison Millar: songs

20:15        Kate Bissel: poetry

20:25        Jennifer Waescher: songs

20:35        Laura Hayes: poetry

20:45        Rebecca Cant: songs

21:00        Esperanza Maggay: poetry

21:10        ? ?? Shin Hye-Ryeon: tap dance

21:20        Orgeltanz: band

21:50        Vagina Monologue/ Event Info

22:00        Janggu ??performance: traditional Korean music

22:10        Trampauline: band

22:55        Eshe and company: belly dance

23:10        Vagina Monologue / Event Info

23:25        The Literallies: band

00:10        Carla Carballo: dance

00:25        Bridget Martin and The Puppycats: band

01:10        EVENT INFO and Raffle Draw

01:25        Juck Juck Grunge: band

3 thoughts on “Are These The Gals Your Mother Warned You About?

  1. Club Ta was absolutely packed for the bulk of the show last night. Solid performances from Orgeltanz, The Literallies, and Juck Juck Grunge. Crowd loved the dancing by Shin Hye-Ryeon, Carla Carballo, and Eshe and Navah. I heard that over 3.5 million won was raised!

  2. Really glad to hear it went down well. I was both busy, and in another part of the country, but would have dearly loved to have seen a good friend performing as part of that show, and, I would have enjoyed seeing all the rest of the acts too. And then of course, I also completely support the cause.

    So, if you ever feel like writing up any more details or a more detailed review, here’s one person who would give it a read.

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