Seollal Exists, and so Does Itta

Things are a little quieter this weekend, as many of the bands retreat to their various hometowns for Seollal, the lunar new year holiday. But it is not as quiet as you might expect.  Despite the big vacation, there is still a fair amount going on this weekend.

The most interesting show has got to be the return of Itta, one of the quirkiest performers in Korea. She has been out of the country for the last six months or so, so it is very nice to have her back, if only for the one show. Check out her Myspace page, it is totally worth it.


Itta performs at the gallery/concert space Yogiga on Friday, Jan. 23, beginning at 7:30.

There is also the Goth Party, Saturday night from 8pm to 4pm at Club Mint (close to DGBD). I do not know much about it, except that they are encouraging people to dress up and they have this pretty fun poster:


3 thoughts on “Seollal Exists, and so Does Itta

  1. congrats on the nomination!

    do u know if ITTA goes on EXACTLY at 730pm? i want to check her out but prob won’t get there til 830pm.


  2. Hi Moonbeem:

    Thanks for the nice words.

    Itta was on Jan. 23, so I am afraid you missed that show. No signs of any future shows, too. But if I hear of anything, I will be sure to post it.

    In the meantime, you might want to check out the Whang Bo-ryung (aka Smack Soft) shows that are going on over the next week or so. She is pretty funky and cool, too. I hope to write a post about her soon.

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