Trash & Jeff’s Punk Rock Wedding

By Jon Dunbar

Over the past year there have been a ton of marriages in the Hongdae punk scene. However, rather than just quietly register at the government office like all the others have done, Jeff and Trash (bassist of BB Lucky Town) have decided to put on a show at Spot and invite some of their close friends to play.

Not a bad idea, considering their close friends are Rux, Suck Stuff, Johnny Royal, Rock Tigers, Vicious Glare, the Geeks, and the Tear Jerks. The list keeps changing, and it seems like Galaxy Express, Kingston Rudieska, Sweet Guerillas, and Today X Spot are no longer playing (or are they the special guests and I just blew the surprise?). Also, of course, BB Lucky Town will be there, and I believe Trash will still be in her wedding dress. Some of Jeff’s former bandmates from the US are also visiting for some kind of reunion show.

“We are both Christians and hate mechanical weddings in wedding factories so we are having our wedding in Sungrak Church in Seongsu,” Trash announced. “After the reception, we’ll be heading straight to Club Spot. We are organizing a punk show with a great lineup as an after-wedding party. Entrance will be free for anyone who attended the wedding. The only catch, you need to wear whatever clothes you wore to the wedding. The show will also be open to the public, but there will be a cover charge for them.

“We will have tons of other events for the show, and the show will continue until dawn. I hope you who are reading this will come to Spot on February 28. It’ll be the biggest gift for us if you enjoy the show we prepared.”

You heard the woman. What better excuse do you need to come out and get trashed (groan) and stay out til dawn? Come out and celebrate the wedding of Trash and Jeff at the unlikeliest of unlikely shrines to monogamy, Club Spot.


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  1. I want to promote shows in The Gimhae, Changwon, and Busan area. How can I add venues and shows and reviews here?

  2. Maybe post your info in the “Forum” section or try contacting the people who run the site directly. There is contact info in the “About” section

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