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Go Go to GoGo Star

By Shawn Despres

Seoul electro-rockers GoGo Star will release their debut full-length, “Last Show,” on Saturday, April 25 at Sangsang Madang Live Hall. The album will be available in traditional retail outlets on April 27 and online on May 1, so those who head to Sangsang Madang this weekend will get to be amongst the first to get their mitts on it.


Formed in late 2007, the stylish quartet’s infectious mix of bass, drum, and DJ-driven electronic beats and hip, fun live sets have established them as one of the city’s most exciting new acts. They have little difficulty getting bottoms bouncing at their sweaty Hongdae concerts and last year incited large dance parties during their performances at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, Dongducheon Rock Festival, and Ssamzie Sound Festival.

Issued by Dada Music (99 Anger, Robots In Disguise), “Last Show” features eight new tracks alongside three re-worked cuts from 2008’s “GoGo Party” EP. The disc was recorded from January to April by Schizo guitarist Sung Min. According to the fine folks at Dada Music, two music videos will be made soon to help promote the album. The band previously created a music video for the single ”Black Joe” off of “GoGo Party.”

Animated vocalist Lee Tae Sun and phantom-faced DJ Lee Yeon Seok will be leading the group through plenty of memorable, high energy gigs over the next few months in support of “Last Show.” GoGo Star are hoping to eventually tour internationally behind the effort as well. Word on the street is that they will be playing at least one of South Korea’s upcoming major summer music festivals. Expect details to surface on that in the coming weeks.

Saturday’s CD release show will start at 6 p.m. and will include opening slots from Kingston Rudieska,
Rux, 99 Anger, Goonamguayeoridingstella, and Infamous Band. Tickets are 15,000 won in advance and 20,000 won at the door. To reserve advance tickets in English, email

Here’s a “teaser video” for the gig.


Sato Yukie Album Party

By Mark Russell

Okay, that was not the world’s most original headline. But that’s all right, Sato Yukie has more than enough originality for all of us.

Yukie was born a rocker, and while still a high school student was playing live on Japanese TV. While just 18 years old, Yukie and friends formed the band Kopchangjeongol, which played classic Korean rock covers. Before long he was invited to Korea to play here, where he has mostly lived ever since. You can read more about his life and music here.

While Yukie has spent much of the last year playing a lot of jarring noise with the Bugasari experimental movement, he does still play the classic Korean rock sometimes, too. In fact, on April 2, he released a new album of music in the classic rock style.

Saturday, April 18, at 7pm Yukie has a concert to celebrate that new album at the artspace Yogiga. There are a lot of big-name guests going to be there, so the show should be quite a blast.


After that show, Yukie has a busy month ahead, with plenty of other shows coming up.

  • April 22 at Yogiga, with Moriyama Shigeru (in a Bulgasari noise show)
  • April 24 at Club Auteur in Hongdae
  • April 26, another Bulgasari show at Yogiga
  • April 29 at Siru in Hongdae

You can check out his full schedule here.

* * *

PS: In keeping with the Japanese theme, I should point out that the Okinawan star Gackt is going to be playing in Seoul, on May 18 in Olympic Hall.

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!

By Shawn Despres

With only 20 tickets being sold for their performance at 801 Studio in Hongdae, it’s no surprise that Cocore’s “Open Studio” gig tonight is sold out. The intimate event is being recorded and filmed for future possible audio and video releases and will showcase several selections from the band’s upcoming fifth full-length.

Cocore have been working on their new album at 801 Studio since late last summer and plan to issue the disc this summer. A music video for the record’s first single, “Move Your Ass,” was debuted at the band’s fantastic Xmas eve concert and should be popping up elsewhere soon. The recording will come out on Cub / Music, a label started by Cocore guitarist WooSung Lee and his wife and Cocore manager JungEun Lee. The two also play together as acoustic duo The Sagitta. There has been talk of the album being released alongside A Letter from Pluto, a sci-fi novel written by Cocore’s other guitarist MyungSoo Hwang. The band spoke briefly about the book during an interview they did with K.O.A Zine in 2007.

Those not lucky enough to gain entrance to the 801 Studio show can catch Cocore at this month’s Club Day when they play at DGBD alongside Stretching Journey, Oyster Boys, and sOo and Dee (a duo comprised of The Moonshiners’ bassist Chang U Choi and his wife Soo-Jung Kae). The act are also scheduled to perform at the Jeonju International Film festival on May 4 at 7:00 p.m. The Sagitta will do a street side gig at the film festival as well on May 5 at 3:30 p.m.


Black Day Weekend at Stompers

By Jon Dunbar

You’re probably familiar with Korean Valentine’s Day. On February 14, Korean women are supposed to buy chocolates for men. This role reversal was masterminded by Morinaga, a Japanese company that thought women needed to show more gratefulness to their men.

If you don’t think that you throw enough money at confectionery companies, there’s also White Day a month later, on March 14. On this day, celebrated basically only in Japan and Korea, men return the favour by buying gifts for the women. In other words, it’s western-style Valentine’s Day.

The only thing worse than buying and receiving these crappy gifts is not getting any at all. But wait…there’s more! Single people get a day of their own on April 14, Black Day. On this day, you’re punished for your singleness by being forced to eat 짜장면, those disgusting “Chinese” noodles that Koreans otherwise only eat when they’re poor.

If that doesn’t float your boat, you’re welcome to head on down to Stompers in Itaewon this Saturday for the Black Day Bang Up featuring three great bands: Skasucks, The Mongolian Project, and Short Bus. Singles are encouraged to wear black, and you can show off your status with badges to advertise ‘single’, ‘in a relationship’, or ‘it’s complicated.’ So maybe if you’re really lucky, you’ll find that special someone (remember: it’s up on the top of Hooker Hill) and you won’t have to celebrate Black Day.

(click on the poster for a link to the event and clearer info on their fantastic drink special)

Talk About A Hardcore Celebration …

By Shawn Despres

On Saturday April 4, Seoul hardcore label Townhall Records will celebrate their 5th anniversary at Club Spot with a night of fast-paced, cake smashing anthems. Scheduled to appear are The Geeks (whose 2004 From The Start disc was the imprint’s first release), Things We Say, Join The Circle, Burn My Bridges, No Excuse, Chad Burger, Find The Spot, Sink To Rise, Johnny Royal, To My Last Breath, and Today x Spot . The show starts at 6 p.m. and costs 10,000 won.

The gig will double as the release party for Burn My Bridges’ new seven song EP, Die Hard. The album is the 15th recording to be issued by Townhall. In March, the imprint released a split CD from Chadburger and Find The Spot. Gig Guide contributor Jon Dunbar took photos at the split CD release concert for his web site,

Townhall founder Hwang Kyusuck plans to release three more discs this year between summer and autumn including a split between No Excuse (Hwang is the vocalist in No Excuse) and Vengeance (USA), Flame Still Burns’ (USA) Point Across EP, and a compilation CD featuring 7 different Korean hardcore acts.

In other Townhall-related news, The Geeks will be touring in Malayasia on May 16th and 17th with American hardcore band Have Heart. Have Heart played in Seoul and Cheongju last September.

Hwang jokes that he’d love to see 1,000 people ram themselves into Spot for Townhall’s anniversary. Now that would definitely be hard core!

Happy birthday, Townhall Records.