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Bulssazo’s Brief Return

By Shawn Despres

As Mark previously mentioned, Bulssazo will be opening for Nosaj Thing and Sighborg at DGBD on Saturday night (June 27).


This will be the Seoul trio’s first live appearance since November 22, 2008. Drummer Young Il Ko is currently completing his mandatory military service and guitarist Sang Chul Han and bassist Myung Hoon Seo have been busy with other things, resulting in several months of non-activity for the band. According to Han, ending their hiatus was not an easy choice, but ultimately playing with Nosaj Thing was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“We are big fans of Nosaj Thing’s remix tracks and his singles so we wanted to support his Korean tour,” Han says in a short email interview with KGG.

Bulssazo have released two discs of awesome shoegazey post-rock goodness, 2005’s “Furious Five” and 2006’s “I Also Will Laugh at Your Disaster…” on Pastel Music. After a lineup change that saw Ko joining high school chums Han and Seo they opted to no longer perform tracks from those efforts. They penned new, instrumental songs, several of which were performed last year at the now defunct Skunk Hell, Bowie, and during their opening slot for Envy at Rolling Hall, and hope to record them, but Han admits that’s unfortunately unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Han is uncertain of what cuts Bulssazo will turn out on Saturday night saying they’ll adjust their set to suit the mood of the crowd. There’s a pretty high chance this will be their only concert this year. If things change and they do another show expect it to be intimate.

“Maybe we won’t play any more gigs, but if we plan something only our band will play,” Han states. “There won’t be any other bands on the bill. I know we have low sales and no ticket power, but I don’t care. Maybe we play to only five or six audience members, but it will be great. If less than 10 people come, I’ll pay for their dinner after the show and we can all talk together.”

I wouldn’t bank on a band this stellar drawing less than 10 folks, but if they did those lucky few patrons would definitely be in for a way-too-cool night.

Bulssazo interview with K.O.A Zine here.
My Bulssazo live review from May 2008 for Smashing Mag here.
Video clips of their July 2008 gig at Rolling Hall here.

Doors open at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night and Bulssazo are on first, so make sure you’re there EARLY. Tickets are 15,000 won (presale – ends tonight at midnight for Saturday/ Sunday shows) and 18,000 won at the door.

Los Angeles-based Korean-American electronic artist Nosaj Thing, whose new debut disc “Drift” has been attracting its fair share of positive press, and Sighborg also play on Sunday in Seoul at Daily Projects with Trampauline. There will be a pre-concert “meet n’ greet” BBQ at Daily Projects starting around 4 p.m. On July 3 Nosaj Thing and Sighborg will be at Urban in Daegu and they will close out their tour on July 4 in Busan at Vinyl Underground. For full details on all gigs, visit Super Color Super’s site.


More Wild Gals

By Shawn Despres

The 2nd Wild Women’s Performing Arts Festival is taking place at 500 (Obeg) in Hondgae on Saturday, June 27. Featuring an eclectic mix of talented local and foreign female performers the night will showcase a wide range of music, dance, poetry, and spoken word while raising funds and awareness for the Korean Women’s Association United.

The debut Wild Women’s fest took place in January and was a great success. More than 300 people attended and several million won was donated to the KWAU thanks to their support. The 2nd edition promises to be even more memorable.

Here is the lineup and set times for Saturday night:
7.00 Jen Waescher (acoustic folk)
7.20 Kate Bissel (poetry)
7.30 Katelyn Convery (acoustic folk)
7.45 Nkuli Marope (spoken word)
7.50 Kangho Dallim (acoustic blues)
8.15 Tamara Kowalska (spoken word)
8.25 Buchurama (Korean experimental folk)
8.55 Song Soonjin and Kim Suyeon — Korean Vagina Monologue: “Say It” with English subtitles
9.15 Fumi Hill (Participatory Movement Activity)
9.25 Some Dance Company (modern dance)
9.40 Lauren Bedard (spoken word)
9.50 Orgeltanz (gypsy-inspired folk with belly dancing by Eshe)
10.30 Navah (belly dance)
10.50 Bridget Martin (acoustic/electric folk)
11.20 Leash (mask dance)
11.30 Bobby Beakbane with Greg James Hanford (fire dance)
11.50 Melissa Kelman (belly dance and fire dance)
12.05 Pika (electronica)

DJ Tygerlily and DJ Mo’chi are up after Pika and will be spinning tunes until the wee hours of the morn.

Cover is 16,000 won with one free drink. Sangsu Station is the closest subway stop to 500. For detailed directions on how to get to 500 from Sangsu Station click here.


Nosaj Time Like the Present

By Mark

Okay, first of all, sorry for not updating the main page for so long. I’m sure I could have and should have, but I did not, so sorry.

Anyhow, here is an event that is not happening for a couple of weeks, but considering how I am not using this main page for anything more urgent, it deserves your attention. I’m talking about the mini-tour of Korea that Sean Maylone has organized for Nosaj Thing.


(click image to embiggen)

Nosaj Thing will have four shows in Korea, starting June 27 at DGBD (aka, Club Drub), then June 28 at Daily Projects, then July 3 at Urban in Daegu and continuing July 4 in Busan at Vinyl Underground.

Sean’s band Sighborg will be playing at all the shows. Spookfish will also be playing for the Daegu and Busan shows. And, in a personal favorite, Bulssazo will be playing the DGBD show in Seoul in the 26th. You can also learn more about the shows here.

All in all, it is a pretty interesting set of shows… something between live and DJ sets, the kind of thing Korea does not often get.

Venues Added

By Mark

As you can see in the top bar, I have added a section called “Venues”. Which is just what it sounds like, a listing of many of the live clubs, halls and other music spaces around Korea.

I know my map is sorely lacking and I have been wanting to upgrade it for some time. But that has proved to be really difficult to get right, so I thought the next-best thing might be to have a text-based listing of the live venues. Hopefully we will have most of the major places in Korea listed there soon, with descriptions of what the club is like, how to find it, links to maps, and anything else people might find useful.

This venues sections is very much a work in progress, so feel free to email me or Shawn or Jon with your suggestions, additions, deletions or whatever.

Random Music Notes, Part 3 (or part something … I lost track)

By Mark

This is a little late now, I just noticed that Dafne Lee over at Radiocactuscube has been listing the winners of this year’s Korean Music Awards, along with translating the explanations about the award winners.

Lee has divided the KMA award results into four sections, part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. A very worthwhile set of postings and I highly recommend reading them all if you are at all interested in the best of Korean music.

(Found via IndiefulROK, of course).

Over at the Korea Herald, there is a decent feature about Korea’s indie music scene, with some profiles and whatnot. Unfortunately, the Herald’s link to that music website at Daum called Indiestory does not seem to be working. I hope they fix that before too long.

Finally, I would just like to point out that May was the biggest month yet at the Gig Guide. We have been growing steadily since this site was launched, and especially since December when the numbers really started to climb. No one is going to confuse us with Rolling Stone or Pitchfork Music, but it is great to see people taking an interest in Korean music. Thanks so much for coming here.