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Psychedelic Noise

Just a quick note, if you happen to be in Seoul today (Sunday) and have no plans of heading to either of the big rock festivals, there is a pretty interesting gig happening over at Yogiga.

It is their usual Bulgasari noise performance, but guest starring is a ’70s psychedelic style band called Shin Chan Ho and Yeomcheundeul.

The show starts at 4pm and is free.

Put Your Dancing Shoes On!

By Ian Chiasson

If you have never dropped 30,000 won to mingle in Apgujeong with people far better looking than you, at a dance club,….. you may wanna start.

Shinichi Osawa, Japanese DJ, producer, instrumentalist will be hitting up Club Answer on July 25th.
Shinichi Osawa is a founding member/ front man of Japanese “Acid Jazz” Mondo Grosso.  Since their defusing in 95 (kinda), Shinichi has been writing and mixing music that always tries to be both creative and intelligent. Whether it be with house, electro, acid jazz, R&B or pop, Shinichi will make you move in one way or another. One might call it “intelligent dance music”.
He has released a slew of of stuff under his own name (remixes,albums,live recordings), as well as, under the title of Mondo Grosso or MG4 …collaborating with anybody who he thinks is rad. {N’dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) and Amel Larrieux (Groove Theory)}
If you are all the way down the other end of the peninsula, Osawa will be performing at Elune in Busan on July 24.
25,000 won for Busan.
Tickets for the Answer show are 30,000.
Check out the concert calendar for more specifics.

Sato Yukie at Gopchangjeongol

By Mark

Okay, this is totally last-minute, but I just found out that Sato Yukie is going to be playing at the bar Gopchangjeongol tonight (Saturday), at 8pm.


Yukie is, of course, our funky Japanese friend with a great love for Korean classic rock. In Japan, he had a band that played covers of Korean classics, also called Gopchangjeongol.

The location Gopchangjeongol is, imho, the best bar in Korea. It recently moved down the street, and is now in a great basement location, right beside Club Bbang, close to the Sanullim Theater. The bar has one of best collections of old Korean rock music (and now, with the move, a pretty good collection of western rock, too).

Gopchangjeongol does not have live music there often, but when they do, it is usually something special. Check it out.

Sparrows, Pigeons, and Independence

By Ian Chiasson


This Saturday one could find themselves celebrating Independence Day, or if you’re not American, just another weekend with On Sparrows Hills, Vildugi OoyoO, and Look and Listen at Club TA.

While there won’t be any fireworks or gigantic portions of meat, there will be reverb, beer and 3 bands that won’t disappoint.2635869325_faa5961406 On Sparrows Hills are the remnants, plus 2, of the short lived but very intriguing, The Fist. (You can download, for free, The Fist’s album here)

Vuldugi OoyoO (which means “Pigeon Milk” – ED.) features members of Juck Juck Haeseo Grunge. This is where the reverb/shoegazer reference has roots.

With Look and Listen you may hear a comparison or two to Sleater Kinney/”riot girl” type stuff, whatever that means.

Both Look and Listen and Vidulgi OoyoO will be pretty busy this month around Hongdae, if you can’t make it to Saturday’s show.

Show starts at 11:00. Cost is 5,000 won.