Festival Showdown

So, who attended one (or both) of the big rock festivals last weekend? Loved it? Disappointed? Feel free to add your comments about the shows below.

UPDATE: People have been uploading clips from the weekend festivals. Here are some of Weezer from Jisan, after the jump.


Jimmy Eat World:

And the great Patti Smith:


It would have been nice to post some Pentaport videos, too, but so far, when I search, I can only see old videos from 2006-8 online.

12 thoughts on “Festival Showdown

  1. Emailed from a reader, P, a rather Weezer-focused review:

    Rivers Cuomo led “Dae Han Min Kuk” cheers and even had a guitar with a Korean flag and “Be the Reds” logo (he was apparently quite moved by his 2002 World Cup experience). I also hear he has a thing for the Asian ladies … though more Japanese, sez Wiki. Show was pretty decent, but I thought the DC show I saw a few years back was better. Notable (odd) covers included Song #2, Poker Face, The Way You Make Me Feel and I Kissed a Girl. Anyway, Korean fans chanting “oh-WEE-chuh” inspired me to come up with a 3-day concert with “The Bands Which Are Most Difficult to Say in Korean.” So far I’ve got Weezer, Jesus Jones and Einsturzende Neubaten; other suggestions welcome.

  2. i thought the jisan fest was pretty great. oasis was pretty hard for people to say too…oh-wah-shi-suh.

    thanks for keeping this great site that helps me keep track of all the good shows :)

  3. One of the reasons it was a mixed review was space – I had to chop out some bands because they weren’t high enough on the bill.
    Another thing was that Pentaport seemed to rob the festival of youthful acts. There didn’t seem much that was fresh or new and that was disappointing.
    Also I thought Saturday’s line up was ill conceived. I know Kim Chang-wan is popular, but I don’t think it worked having him so late on, and he was a pretty wierd choice to warm up for Basement Jaxx.
    There were some excellent things though — the venue was really nice. There seemed to be more camping, too, which I like to see at festivals.
    There were some really good performances too, I enjoyed most of the second stage Friday, esp. Mongoose, who I’d never heard before to be honest.
    Also, it wasn’t a wash out or a disaster. Nothing major went wrong. Considering it was the first time they did it, I think that’s encouraging.

  4. Hi Paul:

    Thanks for the comments. Very nice of you to do so.

    Interesting point about Pentaport. Although everyone has talked a lot about the rivalry, I had not thought of that aspect. I wonder what the final attendance figures were for the two festivals…

    Hopefully next year, there will only be one festival this weekend, and the other festival will move two weeks, to take advantage of Summer Sonic.

  5. In case you’re interested, there is a review of Pentaport (not by me, obviously) in todays paper.


    We also have a discussion forum newly opened, the subject of which is Korean music. I know K-pop isn’t really the thing here, but anyway. I’ll leave it for you to decide how wise it was to run it on Daum, although I’m told they’re working on an English language sign-up.


  6. Another thing was that Pentaport seemed to rob the festival of youthful acts. There didn’t seem much that was fresh or new and that was disappointing.

    What “youthful acts” did Jisan Valley present in comparison? Looking at both lineups, there wasn’t a lot of newish stuff presented at either.

    Am real curious to hear how Inspector Cluzo was received at Pentaport. They played several times at Fuji Rock before coming to Incheon. Only caught one of their shows, but it was a lot of fun. Their “Fuck The Bass Player” t-shirts (they are a guitar-drums duo) were pretty cool too. Anyone catch them in Korea?

  7. Thanks for posting the write-ups for both fests from The Korea Herald.

    Think the line in the Pentaport review about Jisan Valley Rock Festival “being on par with the likes of Fuji or Glastonbury” is a bit of a stretch, though.

    Glastonbury is the king of music festivals (their 20-stage lineup never ceases to make my jaw drop) and Fuji Rock, which is still a ways off from Glastonbury, is absolutely amazing too (I’ve been five years running). Although I know Jisan Valley Rock Festival is trying to model itself after Fuji Rock (their tv spots featured footage from the Japanese fest) they’ve still got a looooooooooooooooong way to go to be considered “on par” with the world’s elite fests. Would be awesome for Korea if one day (say, in a decade or so) they can be truly be mentioned alongside the greats.

    Anyhoo, just my two cents.

  8. I was at Pentaport for Saturday and Sunday night and I had such a fun time! I’ve been to a handful of fests back in the states so I wasn’t expecting too much from Pentaport, but I was definitely proven wrong! It was so much fun getting down to the Korean music, no matter how strange it was. I liked how everything was pretty close together and didn’t have to walk extremely far to get to anything.
    And Inspektor Cluzo was great! The Koreans were digging them and they even brought some people up on stage to dance!
    If I am in Korea next year Pentaport is a must again!

  9. What “youthful acts” did Jisan Valley present in comparison?

    I meant that Pentaport robbed Jisan of youthful acts. Say what you like about Glaxy Express, Gogo Star et al, but they are a lot newer and a lot more (traditionally at least) youth-orientated than most of the Jisan bands were.

    I agree that neither are close to Fuji (not been but its obvious on paper) or Glasto.
    Don’t know if you’ve been to Glastonbury but one thing that makes it stand out is a very special site – it creates a really good atmosphere. Jisan at least had that atmosphere (not as special as Glastonbury though).

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