Mapping Mapo

By Mark

At long, long last, I have finally updated the map feature on the blog. The Hongdae map I originally made has long been out of date, with many new clubs opening, some closing and others moving.

The new map is pretty good, and is the same one you can see on the streets of Hongdae. It is bilingual and it has just about everything in Hongdae on it, so I think it is a big improvement.

(A couple of caveats, though. I did not get the map from Mapo government, I found it on someone’s website, and they apparently wrote in a couple of random landmarks. In addition, a couple of locations are missing or out of date. I am hoping to have a fixed version of this map soon).

As always, if anyone knows of any decent maps for other places in Korea that might need them (Busan, Daegu, Apgujeong), please send them to me. I would love to have as many maps as possible here for people to use.


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