Seoul Electric Band and Cocore bring their tour…to Seoul.

By Dain Leathem

After a whirlwind tour of Busan and Daegu last weekend, the indie rock double bill of Cocore and SEB return home to Seoul for a gig at Club Freebird this Friday at 8 p.m. Both acts have recently released new albums, with Cocore’s “Relax” currently on high rotation at my place. You can feel the heat on this sun drenched album, and it’s a great mix of their classic sound and some new touches. Here’s the new music video for Cocore’s “Move Yo Ass.”

Seoul Electric Band released their long awaited second album “Life is Strange” a few months back. Like Cocore, they also added a number of different elements to their sound. They have been very busy since it came out, and have plans to record with vocalist Kim Bada (from Sinawe) and also to record tracks from their recent album in English.

They will also play with Kim Bada this Saturday at the Korean Live Music Festival at Nanji Campground, near World Cup Stadium. Here’s the new video for SEB’s “The Cats Hometown.”

Both Cocore and SEB are great live performers, so head along and support two of Korea’s best bands. Friday’s gig is 25,000 won at the door and the festival on Saturday costs 10,000 and starts from 1 p.m.


3 thoughts on “Seoul Electric Band and Cocore bring their tour…to Seoul.

  1. Hit up the gig on Friday night. Despite some sound issues during Cocore’s set, both bands made solid showings. I’ve only been to Freebird four times, but I swear every time I’ve been there the set up of the room looks different.

  2. Are you sure it was the room and not sure how much you had to drink? That can shift things around. 😉

    Anyhow, I have not noticed any major changed in Freebird in quite a few years. Some of the tables and chairs can be moved around, but otherwise the place is fairly stable. At least in my experience. Maybe I missed the shows where they altered things.

  3. Nope it wasn’t from drinking. Had three bottles of the not-so-good Cass 2x before realizing the alcohol content was only 2.9%.

    Tables, chairs, and (maybe) the bar have been in slightly different places every time I’ve been there. The last time I was there was in March and if memory serves me correctly I hung out at a table at the back of the room where the bar is now.

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