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Korean Reggae Scene Keeps Getting Stronger

By Dain Leathem

Last Friday I made it to Club Ta and caught an excellent night of reggae tinged/ska focused madness. Re:Ska, now a 7-piece, kicked things off with an awesome set. With their new fuller sound and great energy they have really grown in all ways since I first saw them last year. Busan Ska outfit Wake Up sadly played their last gig (goddamn military service strikes again) and showed a slightly more aggressive rocky take on ska, without resorting to the overdone punk ska sound – very nice. Then the least reggae band of the night, “Ynot?”, actually announced they weren’t really reggae, but with their positive energy, tights skills and distinct taste in covers they fit right in and had the whole place jumping crazily. Lastly, Kingston Rudie Ska arrived and raised their glasses before they kicked off an awesome set. This was a wicked night that displayed the variety, charisma and love of the local reggae/ska scene.


Did I mention this was the first of two big reggae gigs happening in Seoul in a nine-day period? If you missed last Friday’s one, then this Saturday you get a second chance to hear the love.

Club Blue Spirit hosts a more traditional reggae night on Saturday (Nov. 21), “Let Jah Music Play” with Windy City headlining. The five-piece have had a great year, headlining the tent on Saturday night at Jisan, playing after No Brain at Ssamzie fest, and need little introduction. They mix in a little funk and jazz, but remain Korea’s foremost traditional reggae band. Band leader Kim Bang Jang’s other band, I & I Djangdan, play reggae’s mellowest derivative, dub music. To see them live is to feel them, a great Korean take on this genre. Seoul’s newest reggae group, The Seoul Steady Rockers will also be there with their more uptempo reggae sounds. The lineup is completed with Mama Steppa and Bibim Kingman, and it’s a great night of diverse sounds.

Yes, the local reggae scene keeps growing, and it great to see so many acts working together to put on big nights, so go out and taste the sound – Saturday’s gig is 20,000 from 9pm.

Editor: Sadly, Blue Spirit is not on our map. Blue Spirit is down the tiny alley by Ska Bar, across the street from the 7/11 and Club Evans. I have this one map of the club, but it is only in Korean, sorry. I hope it helps, though.


Also, here is a clip of Windy City for you:

Yacht Cruises Into Korea

By Mark

Just a reminder that the electro band Yacht, together with White Rainbow, will be in Korea this week, playing three shows around the peninsula.


The mini-tour kicks off on Thursday down in Busan, where they play at club Basement at 10:30. The next night they are in Seoul, at V-Hall beginning at 10pm. And they close out the tour in Daegu on Saturday at Skyy, at 8pm.

Full information about the shows, line-ups, how to buy tickets, and more is here.

The Yacht tour is the latest promotion by Super Color Super, an upstart promotion company, headed by Sean from the band Sighborg. It is great seeing someone working so hard to improve the scene a bit, so I hope plenty of people will support the gig (especially if you want more bands to come to Korea in the future).

Indie Music Lyrics

By Mark

I just found out about this fun new website called Pocket of Sky (thanks to Indieful ROK, as usual), where the blogger Nicole posts her translations of Korean indie band lyrics. How very useful.

She has just gotten started, so there are only a couple of albums there now (Yozoh and Belle Epoque), but hopefully she will keep at it and build up her collection soon. Thanks much, Nicole!


Anna from Indieful ROK points out a couple more lyric translation sites: