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Open Your Eyes Festival

By Jon Dunbar

This weekend, the big show in Hongdae is the Open Your Eyes Festival, featuring 14 mainly Korean hardcore bands for a mere 15 000 won, which is a little over 1000 won per band. Better yet, the proceeds are being donated to Shimteo Women’s Shelter and Seoul Women’s Hotline.

It’s a great chance to see a bunch of great Korean bands, including:

  • No Excuse (old school metallic hardcore)
  • Things We Say (youthcrew)
  • The Geeks (xyouthcrewx)
  • …Whatever That Means (melodic punk)
  • Vicious Nerds (reunion after 2+ years of old-school hardcore with short, fast songs… kinda like the NYHC band GO!)
  • Chadburger (Seoul city thrash punx)
  • Find The Spot (old-school hardcore, like a blend of ’80s DCHC and ’80s NYHC)
  • Sssighborggg (experimental electronics, from ambience to IDM)
  • The Strikers (pop-punk)
  • Join The Circle (fast, pissed-off political hardcore)
  • Unleashed Anger (metallic hardcore)
  • Through By Us (metalcore similar to Walls Of Jericho)
  • Seoul City Suicides (“Ramones vs. Kyuss maybe?”)
  • Same Old Story (melodic metalcore / screamo)

    Great bands, great cause.

    RSVP over here