Eshe is in a competition to perform as part of the Asian leg of the Bellydance Evolution tour. Please take a few seconds and vote for this highly talented Seoul-based artist. Voting is open until the beginning of February. All you have to do is click next to her name on the poll below!

The belly dancer for Seoul world music-infused folk band Orgeltanz, together Orgeltanz & Eshe have performed throughout South Korea in clubs and at large scale events such as the Jeongu International Film Festival, Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, and Grand Mint Festival. In December they played on Kim Chang-wan’s (from Sanullim) Lalala TV program.


During her two years in Seoul the Canada-born Eshe has also teamed up with a number of local underground acts for live collaborations including Cocore, Apollo 18, The Plastic Day, Sato Yukie, Lee Han Joo, DJ collective V.I.P, Dulsori, and others.


Eshe is on the cover of this month’s Groove Korea magazine and penned a story for the publication about her recent trip to Istanbul to study with some of Turkey’s most famed belly dancers.

Apollo 18’s “Orbis” music video starring Eshe is below:

Orgeltanz & Eshe live from Grand Mint Festival ’08 here.
V.I.P & Eshe live from the Seoul World DJ Festival ’09 here.
Cocore & Eshe live from Music Trip Festival ’09 here.
Photos of The Plastic Day & Eshe from Love Camp ’09 here.

2 thoughts on “VOTE FOR ESHE!

  1. Hrm. Eshe and Azhaar suddenly had significant drops. Did the Bellydance Evolution folks lose a whole bunch of votes (again), or is Park Eunji suddenly siphoning away support?

  2. Korean indie rock’s favourite belly dancer, Eshe, has been cast in the Bellydance Evolution show!

    Several other local dancers have been cast in the production as well, which is great to see. Full results here —

    A really big production, the Bellydance Evolution Asian shows will take place on Feb 21 in Seoul and on Feb 28 in Bali. The promo video for Bellydance Evolution is here —

    Keep an eye out for gigs from Orgeltanz & Eshe in March. There is also a rumour floating around that Eshe will be making a guest appearance at a rock show in Hongdae on 2/20.

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