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The Sagitta’s One Night Trip

By Shawn Despres

Korean duo The Sagitta will play their first Seoul show in 10 months on March 26 at Mudaeryuk.


Formed in 2003, the husband-and-wife pairing of Lee Woo Sung and Lee Jung Eun, who some may know as Cocore‘s guitarist (Woo Sung) and manager (Jung Eun), have released two albums of folk, indie pop, and surf music. The latter disc, 2008’s “Hello Stranger,” was issued through their own cub/music label. Last year the imprint also released albums from The Plastic Day and Cocore.

Here’s the music video for “Okinawa Love Song” from “Hello Stranger.”

The Sagitta penned a handful of new songs during a recent trip to Hawaii. Fans can expect to hear some of this material during their Friday night concert. The group plan to record their third full-length this summer. In the coming months they will hold some intimate gigs in hip Hongdae fried chicken joint, Reggae Chicken, and do some busking-styled street performances in different areas of the city. Photos and comic strips from their Hawaiian vacation and other adventures, along with home made music videos for a few unreleased songs can be viewed on their official web site.

Also appearing on the March 26 bill are The Frogs and DJ Jiyang Kim. The Frogs are a newly formed all-gal rock band which includes Haeyoung from Beetle Juice along with the owner of popular Hongade bar Vinyl, Jeehae, and Mudaeryuk owner Kona. Jiyang Kim is a well-known photographer in Korea’s fashion scene and also took pictures for The Sagitta’s 2005 debut, “Hello World.” She will be spinning different tunes while shots she snapped in New York and London are displayed on a projection screen.

Mudaeryuk is located near Sangsu Station. To find it, go out exit 1 and walk towards the Hongdae parking street. The cover charge for Friday’s event is 10,000 won and the set times are below:

The Frogs: 8:10 – 8:40pm
The Sagitta: 8:40 – 9:40pm
DJ Jiyang Kim: 9:40pm until … ?


Live Music 2.0

By Mark

So I have been poking around on the various live music websites that are scattered across the Internet. I had no idea there were so many these days. I had been struggling with near-useless, last-generation sites like Pollstar, so was amazed how much things have changed. Now there are a multitude of websites that are trying to combine social media, data harvesting, and whatever the media 2.0 flavor of the month.

These include:

  • Hearwhere – a gig listing site that is flashy but hard to use, and not good for Asia
  • Songkick – nice interface, but geared toward big shows, and very little information on Korea
  • Iggli – another attempt at media 2.0 and live music (and other live events). This site’s hook is the “invite” – it is all about people inviting each other to events; claims this is not social networking. Dubious. Not much on Asia.
  • Bands in Town – big artists, not for Asia
  • Jambase – ugly, just big Western acts, incomplete, basically another Pollstar
  • Madlounge – only the US
  • Superglued – social networking plus concerts; not sure how useful this could be if it takes off, but not much yet.
  • Gigzee – specializes in local music, but buggy, and nothing for Korea yet
  • Gig Junkie – not much in Asia, not very complete
  • Gig Listing – trying to be the Google for live music. Still in beta, and it shows
  • Gig Freaks – I think I like this one the best. Nothing for Korea yet, but its Japan and China listings show some promise. I like the interface (despite the big, ugly Google ad banner in the middle), which is easy to use and informative. Seems to be a one-man operation, though, so I am not sure how much it will develop in the future.

As you can see, I am biased toward sites that focus on local and indie music. Really, how much help do people need finding the next Lady Gaga concert? But hopefully these services will find a way to make it easier to find local and more unusual bands, all over the world. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary, so I link to all of them so you can check them out for yourself. If there are any you particularly like, please let me know.

Jisan Rock Festival Teases a Little

By Dain

With Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival and Summer Sonic Festival both announcing their first wave of acts, rock lovers in Korea eagerly await which performers will make it over the sea for Pentaport, Jisan Valley Rock Festival and ETP Fest this year (and maybe for Busan Rock, too – Ed). Korean festivals usually bring over a select few of the many International artists that Japanese fans get to enjoy.

Well, in a cryptic move, Jisan Valley Rock Festival organizers have released a poster for this year’s event, which has several band names featured in subtle ways. Names included are Muse, Massive Attack and Belle & Sebastian can be found, among possible others. We sit here with baited breath waiting for more confirmation.
Here’s the Jisan poster.


Summer Sonic released their first lineup yesterday, and it includes Jay Z, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, The Offspring among other acts (including A-Ha, Nickleback and Slash???). Which ones will Seo Taiji and company bring over? Last years ETP Fest saw NIN, Limp Bizkit and Keane come to Korea. Bring on Summer!

UPDATE: Ed. – Pentaport has updated its site. Still no news about bands, but it has a new video on the home page. And apparently a new location — Dream Park. There is a Korea Times article repeating most of our information here.