It’s Crying Nut’s Party … and They’ll Rock if They Want to

By Dain

Next weekend, April 23-24, sees Korean indie icons Crying Nut celebrate their 15th anniversary with two concerts. Since forming in 1995, they have become the biggest independent band in Korean history (or at least one of the biggest, depending on how you measure these things: Mark). After last year’s excellent and diverse 6th album, “An Inconvenient Party”, they are showing no sign of slowing down.


On both nights an array of friends will help them to celebrate their 15 years of rocking. With 6 albums of material, they have a lot to choose from, PLUS they will be joined by the Kim Chang Wan Band, Seoul Electric Band, Galaxy Express, Black Hole, YB, and The Moonshiners. Both shows are at the Mapo Art Center (the map is only in Korean, sorry), and begin at 7:30 on Friday and 5pm on Saturday.

To help get you excited, here are 2 music videos; one of their earliest, “Magic Circus” and one of their most recent, shot at DGDB, “An Inconvenient Party.”

2 thoughts on “It’s Crying Nut’s Party … and They’ll Rock if They Want to

  1. Maybe. Although the trade magazines in the West define “indie” as pretty much everything not put out by the big five music labels (or is it four now?). Crying Nut and Drug Records have been mostly free of the big labels in Korea. Loen Entertainment is distributing their latest release, and Loen is no SM Entertainment (or MNet or JYP Entertainment).

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