Something Glittering At The Carnival

By Shawn Despres

Presented by Seoul imprint Estella Records, the two-day Lotus Carnival brings together a top-notch lineup of the label’s acts and like-minded artists for shows at Club Spot in Hongdae on Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25.


Although I’m looking forward to most of the performances, my personal pick for must-see band is Glittering Blackness, Fall. Scheduled to play on both days of Lotus Carnival, the gigs will be the Daejeon group’s first live appearances in Seoul since November 2008.

“Well there isn’t any specific reason why we don’t play a lot of shows,” offers keyboardist Yang. “We usually practice one day a week so it is difficult to set up shows. We were mainly focused on recording our EP last year.”

According to Yang, organizing more concerts and making new songs are priorities for Glittering Blackness, Fall in the coming months. Formed in 2005, they issued their debut EP in January. The untitled effort boasts five nameless cuts of post-rock goodness.

“We felt that it would be better to leave people free to think after listening to our music than to make people feel what we want them to feel through song titles,” explains Yang.

The band began working on the EP’s compositions shortly after their formation and spent two years fine tuning the tracks before recording them in their practice space. The CD can be purchased at Hyang Music in Sinchon or directly from the group. All of the disc’s songs can be downloaded for free on as well.

“We think that people will buy the CD if they want to listen to good quality music or will want to get the CD after listening to our MP3s,” Yang says.

Glittering Blackness, Fall will be performing different sets on April 24 and April 25 as part of Lotus Carnival at Club Spot. 49 Morphines, Apollo 18, Vidulgi Ooyoo, Da Pluto, First Breath After Coma, and more will also play. Tickets for Saturday cost 15,000 won and music starts from 6:30 p.m. Things will get underway at 3 p.m. on Sunday and entrance is 25,000 won.


3 thoughts on “Something Glittering At The Carnival

  1. They seem *very* influenced by the great Explosions in the Sky; even their band name is adapted from the EITS song “Glittering Darkness.” I noticed another band on this list is also named after an EITS song, “First Breath After Coma.”

    Beautiful video, but the music is a lot simpler and less compelling than that of their predecessors… nonetheless I’m glad there’s an audience for “post-rock” in Korea these days.

  2. I do hear an EITS influence in there along with GY!BE too. There are a fair number of post-rock acts operating in South Korea.

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