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OneYearOne for SuperColorSuper

By Mark

Apologies for the Supercolorsuper overload these days, but I think they deserve some love for bringing so many interesting, international acts to Seoul (despite a few, er, hiccups). But even better, imho, is when they feature some of the great local music that’s around these days.

Which is why I am so happy about their one-year anniversary show this Saturday (July 3) at Freebird, featuring a round-robin style show with some of my favorite Korean indie bands, together with a couple of the bigger expat bands — Juck Juck Haeseo Grunge (who was the first band I blogged about at the KGG, way back here), Vidulgi Ooyoo, Trampauline, Bridget and the Puppyblast, We Need Surgery, Zentaffy, Eloise, Eunchurn and siiiighborg.

The bands will be divided into two sets, starting at 10pm. Plus Sean promises there will be barbecue. All for just 15,000 won (cheap!).

(Btw, an early “happy birthday” to Sean).

Lymbyc Systym: A Much Easier Act For SuperColorSuper

By Shawn Despres

Apologies while we continue to work on getting the calendar back up and running.  We are hopeful that everything will  return to business as usual on Korea Gig Guide very soon.

Two weekend events worth highlighting are Lymbyc Systym’s Seoul concerts at Rolling Hall tonight (June 26) and Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) tomorrow (June 27).

Continue reading Lymbyc Systym: A Much Easier Act For SuperColorSuper

*Update* — The King Khan & BBQ Show

By Shawn Despres

Yesterday I wrote “Despite news stories circulating last week about their possible break up, The King Khan & BBQ Show are still together and their concerts scheduled for this week in South Korea are 100% happening.”

Turns out I spoke too soon.  Apparently monsieurs Khan and BBQ got in another arguement in Daegu last night so now only Mark “BBQ” Sultan will be performing.

From Super Color Super:

“Due to last-minute collisions and circumstances in Daegu, including: a wrecked-up apartment, injuries sustained from slipping in beer and a 3-hour talk with a monk, King Khan will NOT be appearing with the band, and “The King Khan and BBQ Show” is officially finished!  BBQ will now be headlining solo for the rest of the Korea Tour! ”

To read the rest of the press release, go here.
The ticket price for Saturday’s Seoul show is now 18,000 won at the door.  I’m not sure if the cost for tonight’s Busan gig has been reduced as well.  For those who bought advance tickets for Seoul, you can get a partial refund (if you still want to watch the concert) or full refund tomorrow at Rolling Hall.

A Big Ol’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Party!

By Shawn Despres

Despite news stories circulating last week about their possible break up, The King Khan & BBQ Show are still together and their concerts scheduled for this week in South Korea are 100% happening. The duo of Canadians King Khan and Mark “BBQ” Sultan arrived in the country early this morning and are excited for their gigs in Daegu, Busan, and Seoul. Continue reading A Big Ol’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Party!

Friends And Fans Lend Itta A Helping Hand

By Shawn Despres

On Saturday (June 12), a benefit concert is being held in Seoul at Hongade’s Yogiga Expression Gallery for Itta.


One of South Korea’s most eclectic performers, the avant-garde pop musician began to feel pain in her arm during 10’s (a very cool experimental electro duo comprised of her and Japanese noise artist Marqido) recent American tour. After getting checked out by a doctor, she learned that she had torn ligaments in her right shoulder and would have to have an operation to repair them.

“I feel pain when I play my keyboard,” Itta says. “Actually, my arm hurts doing normal things too, so I can’t sleep well nowadays. I went to the hospital and the doctor said that I can’t use my right arm for at least two-and-a-half months after the surgery, so I can’t play as 10 during that time.”

Saturday’s concert will help raise funds for Itta’s surgery. 10 had already scheduled a three-week summer tour in China before learning about her injury, but Itta hopes to have the operation when she returns back to South Korea in mid-July.

Since she won’t be able to make music while recovering from the surgery, Itta is working on new 10 and solo material now. 10’s next full-length should surface later this year, while Itta’s album will come out before autumn on Canadian cassette label, Scotch Tapes.

“Scotch Tapes sent me a message through MySpace,” Itta explains. “The release will be limited to 100 tapes and there will be no CD or digital version of it. I decided to release it like this to do something that went against our digital society.”

10 formed on October 10, 2005. To mark the anniversary of their band, every year since their inception Itta and Marqido have held a concert on 10/10. This October’s birthday gig promises to be an extra special affair.

“Marqido and I will get married this year on October 10,” she shares. “There will be a concert event to celebrate. I hope my right shoulder will be well by then.”

Here is Itta’s ” Iyagi” music video from her 2005 “11” disc.

Saturday’s fundraiser at Yogiga will start at 4:00 p.m. and will include performances from 10, Hi, Mr. Memory, Sato Yukie, Han Joo Lee, Lauren E. Walker, 3rd Line Butterfly’s Nam Sang Ah, Michael Joseph Oakley, Jo Young Min, Atombook’s Choi Sae Bom, and belly dancer Eshe and her Navah troupe. Tickets are 10,000 won at the door. There’s a really basic English map to Yogiga here.


Demilitarized Zone Amps Up

By Mark

Well, after months of rumors, the folks behind the Peace at the DMZ (aka “Woodstock Korea”) music festival finally unveiled their first lineup for their show celebrating peace, love, and landmines (or something like that).

Running Aug. 6-8 in the DMZ Peace Park, Peace in the DMZ will feature Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger of the Doors, Skid Row, UNKLE (live), The Youngbloods, Safri Duo, Eddie Halliwell, Peyton, Bobina, Loudness, and Skoop on Somebody. And eclectic group of bands, to be sure, but it is an eclectic idea for a music festival.

Tickets are on sale now and cost 99,000 won for one day, 143,000 won for two days or 176,000 won for three days (196,000 won for three days with camping). For more info, you can check out here (in Korea), or for English ticketing, email

You can here Artie Kornfeld talk a bit about Woodstock and Peace in the DMZ here (it is a bit hard to hear, sorry):

There are three parts, but the above section is the most relevant to the Korea show.

(Btw, I think Artie does not like to use the Woodstock name anymore, as he says that the problems of the 1999 reunion Woodstock ruined the word for him.)

Godfather of Korean Rock – On Tour This Summer

By Mark

Great news for anyone who loves great music — the godfather of rock music in Korea, Shin Joong-hyun, is back on tour. I had a feeling his 2006 “goodbye” concerts would not be the last we heard of him.

Four dates have been announced so far — two on Jeju Island (June 26 and 27), one in Seoul (July 17) and one in Pohang (July 24). Which is kind of an eclectic mix of locations, but Shin is getting up there in years, so I am just happy to have the opportunity to see him again.


Shin is, of course, one of the founders of rock music in Korea. He started playing at US Army bases in the 1950s, then launched his own career in the 1960s, along with the Pearl Sisters, Lee Junghwa, Kim Chooja, Kim Jungmi and many other greats. Sadly, the Wall Street Journal has hidden my story about Shin behind their stupid paywall, but you can read a version of that story here (on my personal website), or you can read Norimitsu Onishi’s New York Times story about Shin here.

The Seoul show will be at Kyunghee University’s Peace Hall, beginning at 7:30pm, and tickets cost 33,000-88,000 won. Details can be found at Interpark for his Jeju and Pohang shows (Korean only, sorry).

Sinawe is slated to perform with Shin at the Seoul and Pohang shows. And I would not be surprised if more guests were announced in the coming weeks.


Is It That Time?? Already??? Why, Yes, It Is!

By Dain

The 2010 edition of the Time to Rock Festival begins, strangely, this Friday (I say “strangely” because Friday is not a public holiday, to the best of my knowledge). Now into its 2nd year since it took on the “Time to Rock” moniker (named after M-Net’s finest show of the same name), it seems last year’s 10,000 plus crowd meant a festival upgrade.

Continuing the trend of outdoor music events in Korea changing venues often, the TTR Fest will be held at the Nanji Camp Ground, alongside the Han River in western Seoul, close to World Cup Stadium. This is a welcome respite as lasts years venue (Olympic Stadium) produced little breeze or shade from the sweltering heat.

Also updated from last year’s version is the duration – TTR2010 is a two-day event. Another great change is that the bands go until later at night. The lineup contains the usual suspects (YB, No Brain, Wiretap in My Ear, Windy City , Seoul Electric Band), some up-and-coming bands (The KOXX, school girl rockers Sweet Revenge and Dick Punks) and a few surprises, including the addition of ‘poppier’ performers mixing it with rock acts. These include Korea’s fastest rapper Outsider playing with PIA, and R&B singer Wheesung being joined by Biuret. Also appearing are Japanese performers like Loudness and Depapepe, plus DJ’s and dance music until 6am both nights. WOW!

With two days and two zones, bands are being given longer sets than they often get at these sorts of shows. The music kicks off from 5pm on Friday, and from 1 in the afternoon Saturday. Tickets are 33,000 won for one day, or 44,000 won for both (available at the gate).

So no excuses for not rocking this weekend.Unless, of course, it’s not your bag. But come on, LOST has finished!

For details including a precise schedule, head to Jager’s TTR fest site.