Pentaport Rundown

By Mark

So last weekend was the Pentaport Rock Festival, held over in Incheon. I thought I would write up my impressions. But feel free to add you own, if you went and if you want.

Actually, the only day I attended was Saturday, so that is all I can report on. The highlight for me was seeing LCD Soundsystem, who were as bouncy and dancy as I had hoped (although I think their new album is not as fun as their previous ones, imho). And because most of the crowd was slow in getting over for the start, it was really easy to get a good spot up near the front. Wagdug Futuristic Unity (a side project of Hiroshi Kyono, of Mad Capsule Market) had their moments, but did not excite me so much.

As for Korean music, the band Ynot had a pretty good turnout; an enthusiastic, uptempo set. Vassline was WAY TOO LOUD, but from a distance they seemed pretty enthusiast. YB band was their usual solid self, if you like their sound, and for a lot of people there, I think YB was the highlight of the night (judging by how many people seemed to leave once YB was finished).

No way was there 27,000 people there, as reported, but it was a decent turnout. As usual the fans were enthusiastic but polite. A surprising good diversity of food in the food area, and lines were all reasonable. All in all, a good time.

Actually, my Pentaport started on Thursday, as I was a participant at the first Pentaport Music Conference, which was an industry event that featured some big music professionals from the United States and around Asia to network with the local music scene. Among the speakers was me, which was a little strange — as a writer, my only audience is usually cats. But it was fun (and a little scary) speaking before a big room of music industry professionals. And it was great to meet so many new people in the music biz.

Technically, Pentaport is not over yet, as there is still the Incheon Fringe Festival and the Incheon Arts Festival (which will have better Korean indie bands, imho). No information on them in English yet, but they are worth checking out. I will try to write up something about those events in the next few days.

PS: The esteemed Niels Footman has already posted his take on this year’s Pentaport over at his website.

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