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By Shawn Despres

Those pining for more South Korean gigs from bigger name alt-rock touring acts should be pleased with mid-sized Seoul concert hall AX-Korea’s November schedule.

Danish band Mew and The Flaming Lips are teaming up for a trio of Japan gigs between November 15 and November 18.  We’ll get separate visits from them before and after the trek.  On November 13 Mew will play AX-Korea.  Tickets are 88,000 won in advance and are already on sale.

The Flaming Lips will be at AX-Korea on November 20.  Tickets are 99,000 won in advance and are available from September 30.  The Flaming Lips are supposed to be absolutely amazing live and all their confetti, balloons, lasers, and Wayne Coyne’s giant inflatable bubble should make for a great spectacle and a very fun night.

Sigur Ros’ Jónsi will close out the month at AX-Korea.  Tickets for his November 29 performance are also 99,000 won in advance and can be purchased here.  The stunning teaser video for Jónsi’s autumn tour is below.

It would be great if a few of the city’s up-and-coming bands got the chance to open these shows up.  We’ll have to wait to see if the promoters step up and add any local talent to the bills.

Korean Homesick Blues Seeking Korea Based Acts

By Shawn Despres

Dave Candler has contacted us here at KKG about a new regular podcast he has launched called Korean Homesick Blues.   It aims to showcase original alternative tunes from South Korea and the rest of Asia.  Dave is currently looking for “devastating music” being made by both Koreans and Korea-based expats for the program.  If any acts are interested in submitting songs for possible play on Korean Homesick Blues, please send an e-mail to  davidcandler  at hotmail dot com.

You can check out the Korean Homesick Blues podcasts here.

Rock And Roll All Afternoon

By Shawn Despres

This afternoon (Saturday, September 11) 20 of South Korea’s more promising newbie indies will be vying for a slot at the 12th Ssamzie Sound Festival. The *free* show will take place at Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) in Hongdae and has a 2 pm start time. Each group will play a short two-song set providing a decent sample of what these potentially rising local talents are all about.

Amongst the performers today, Poe, Noeazy, and The United 93 all appeared this summer at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival and the Busan International Rock Festival. Noeazy have been tapped for the Daejeon Rock Festival in October as well.  Bye Bye Badman performed at Jisan Valley Rock Festival.   Look & Listen are currently preparing their debut for Beatball Records. Bihang Girl have signed on with the record label Electric Muse. The Quip released their “Almost The Same” EP in June and were recently interviewed for Indieful ROK.

The full list of performers can be read in our concert calendar.

Scatterbrain’s Summer Festival Awards

By Mark

Scatterbrain, one of Korea’s best indie music websites, is running an online survey to determine the top acts and festivals of the summer. All the questions are in Korean and English, and Scatterbrain’s programmer-in-chief tells me that he would love to have as many expats participate as possible. Personally, I am happy for anything that brings the local music scene and international music lovers a little closer together, so big thanks to Scatterbrain for this.

Anyhow, you can take the survey here.

Happy Birthday Freebird — 15 Years of Rock

By Dain

This weekend, Club Freebird will celebrate 15 years of great music with a 3-day party — but for this birthday bash, the customers get the treats. From Friday the 10th until Sunday the 12th, a range of acts will be performing, kicking off each night at 6pm:

Friday – Prana (Wiretap in My Ear), Burning Hepburn, Romantic Punch, We Need Surgery, Hit the 9 and more.

Saturday Seoul Electric Band, Phone Booth, The Lowdown 30s,  Ynot?, The Rock Tigers, The Strikers, and more.

Sunday Java Island, Dear Diary, Brixton, Rubber Duckie, and more (Mark – Don’t forget Third Stone. They totally rock, really hard).

Tickets are 13,000 won for one night, 22,000 for 2 nights, or 30,000 won for 3 nights of great music. For more information, you can also check out Freebird’s website.