Happy Birthday Freebird — 15 Years of Rock

By Dain

This weekend, Club Freebird will celebrate 15 years of great music with a 3-day party — but for this birthday bash, the customers get the treats. From Friday the 10th until Sunday the 12th, a range of acts will be performing, kicking off each night at 6pm:

Friday – Prana (Wiretap in My Ear), Burning Hepburn, Romantic Punch, We Need Surgery, Hit the 9 and more.

Saturday Seoul Electric Band, Phone Booth, The Lowdown 30s,  Ynot?, The Rock Tigers, The Strikers, and more.

Sunday Java Island, Dear Diary, Brixton, Rubber Duckie, and more (Mark – Don’t forget Third Stone. They totally rock, really hard).

Tickets are 13,000 won for one night, 22,000 for 2 nights, or 30,000 won for 3 nights of great music. For more information, you can also check out Freebird’s website.

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