Rock And Roll All Afternoon

By Shawn Despres

This afternoon (Saturday, September 11) 20 of South Korea’s more promising newbie indies will be vying for a slot at the 12th Ssamzie Sound Festival. The *free* show will take place at Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) in Hongdae and has a 2 pm start time. Each group will play a short two-song set providing a decent sample of what these potentially rising local talents are all about.

Amongst the performers today, Poe, Noeazy, and The United 93 all appeared this summer at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival and the Busan International Rock Festival. Noeazy have been tapped for the Daejeon Rock Festival in October as well.  Bye Bye Badman performed at Jisan Valley Rock Festival.   Look & Listen are currently preparing their debut for Beatball Records. Bihang Girl have signed on with the record label Electric Muse. The Quip released their “Almost The Same” EP in June and were recently interviewed for Indieful ROK.

The full list of performers can be read in our concert calendar.

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