By Shawn Despres

Those pining for more South Korean gigs from bigger name alt-rock touring acts should be pleased with mid-sized Seoul concert hall AX-Korea’s November schedule.

Danish band Mew and The Flaming Lips are teaming up for a trio of Japan gigs between November 15 and November 18.  We’ll get separate visits from them before and after the trek.  On November 13 Mew will play AX-Korea.  Tickets are 88,000 won in advance and are already on sale.

The Flaming Lips will be at AX-Korea on November 20.  Tickets are 99,000 won in advance and are available from September 30.  The Flaming Lips are supposed to be absolutely amazing live and all their confetti, balloons, lasers, and Wayne Coyne’s giant inflatable bubble should make for a great spectacle and a very fun night.

Sigur Ros’ Jónsi will close out the month at AX-Korea.  Tickets for his November 29 performance are also 99,000 won in advance and can be purchased here.  The stunning teaser video for Jónsi’s autumn tour is below.

It would be great if a few of the city’s up-and-coming bands got the chance to open these shows up.  We’ll have to wait to see if the promoters step up and add any local talent to the bills.


  1. The prices for gigs are just outrageous in Korea. These gigs in the UK would probably cost a quarter of the price.

  2. Pricey, yes, but hardly four times the price. A quick look at Live Nation and Ticketmaster shows Flaming Lips concerts in the United States usually cost around $40, and Jonsi is about $50. Korea’s 99,000 won works out to about $85.

  3. Have you forgotten how expensive the big concerts at the o2 are? Maybe in some local venues in the UK, it’s a fraction cheaper, but going to the big venues in London works out the same if not more. Take guns and roses for example, who are playing at the o2, tickets are 52 pounds, which works out at nearly 90,000won.

  4. The Flaming Lips, et al aren’t Guns ‘n’ Roses. I think they’d probably play at one of the “Academies” in the UK, at a cost of £20-£25 or so.

  5. £25 would be 45,000 won, which is half of 99,000, not a quarter. Anyhow, Flaming Lips will cost 8,500 yen in Tokyo (116,000 won) and $620 in Hong Kong (89,000 won), so the Korea rate is in line with their other Asia shows. Hardly “outrageous,” imho.

  6. Flaming Lips and Mew are playing together for 8,500 yen in Tokyo making it much cheaper to see both then it would be in Seoul (Mew = 88,000 won/Flaming Lips 99,000 won).

    Agree with Mark, though, about the prices not being that “outrageous.” According to Interpark’s English page there are only about 200 tickets left for Flaming Lips’ and 360 for Jonsi’s Seoul performances so people obviously aren’t that upset about the cost.

    If you are not happy with the prices for bigger shows, don’t go. There are plenty of good local bands playing every weekend in Seoul for 10,000 – 20,000 won so check out some of them instead : )

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