Spris, Gap, Bikes, Chuncheon, and Transvestites — It’s a Busy Weekend

By Dain

The fourth annual Let’s Spris Rock Festival takes place this Saturday from 12pm. This year the event has moved down to the Han River on the western end of Seoul, near the Nanji Camping area (host to the World DJ Fest and next month’s Global Gathering dance party). The festival has a range of acts, such as rockers YB, Transfixion, Pia and No Brain, ancient ballad rockers Boohwal, Hongdae faves like Galaxy Express, Art of Parties and Copy Machine, plus up-and-comers like The Koxx and all-girl rock group Rubber Duckie. Presales are just 20,000 won, and it seems to be your last chance to rock outside this year. The timetable has just been released.

Also happening on Saturday, at AX-Korea, is the annual Gap Born to Rock Concert. Featuring an extremely solid line up including the Kim Chang Wan Band, Crying Nut, Guckkasten, The Moonshiners, Kingston Rudieska, Sisters Barbershop and acoustic duo 10CM. It starts at 6pm, but before that there is a flea market and busking from 3pm. It’s only 20,000 won in advance or 25,000 won at the door.

The Bicycle Film Festival is running from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3, and it includes a rock concert being held this Sunday at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. From 2pm till 8pm, you can see Galaxy Express, Art of Parties, Seoul Electric Band, Ynot?, Sugar Donut, Dice and more. I think it’s free, but if not I’m sure it won’t cost much. (Ed.: More information about the BFF is at the Kunsthalle site).

Also happening is the Chuncheon Playground Music & Camping Festival, from Friday until Sunday. The lineup includes Tahiti 80 and Pony Rony Run Run (both from France), Paris Match (from Japan) W & Whale, Kingston Rudieska, Serengeti, Vodka Rain, Number 8 Theater, Hit Da Nine and many more. Tickets costs from 33,000-88,000 won depending on how many days you attend. All the info you could need is found here.

Lastly, it’s not purely music, but it is a musical! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at Coex Auditorium, with nine shows a week until Oct. 10. The all-international cast (handpicked by Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien) are joined by selected Korean guests for this show full of aliens, transvestites and the corruption of innocence. There is even a 20% discount for foreigners. All you need can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Spris, Gap, Bikes, Chuncheon, and Transvestites — It’s a Busy Weekend

  1. Re: the discounted tix, I went last Sunday (26th)
    and 5 of us got the 20% Foreigner Discount, but I got a Korean friend to buy them.We got Front Section seats for 80,000 won(instead of 110),we just had to show our ARC’s at the door to prove we were not Korean. Also, 2 friends of mine bought theirs over the English interpark website, and also got the 20% discount. I recommend getting a Korean friend to call Interpark and see, perhaps the discount ran out Sorry! Also, my friend got the cheapest seats for last Sunday night, but got a free upgrade to the 4th row. other than contact Interpark, I am not sure what else to do, sorry. Good luck!

  2. JUST CHECKED WITH SOMEELSE – if you call or email interpark and ask for it, apparently you can get it. You just need to send/tell them everyone’s ARC Numbers when you purchase. Hope it helps!

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