Korea Gig Guide Rates a ’10’

By Mark

Some happy news to report — the nice people at 10 Magazine have chosen the Korea Gig Guide as their Blog of the Month (BotM?) for November.

Winning the BotM award means the KGG will now receive vast amounts of money, fame and endless swag … er, well, maybe not. But I guess it does mean that the folks at 10 Magazine have good taste and are trying to support the local scene, which is much appreciated.

The KGG now joins such luminaries as Eat Your Kimchi, The Marmot’s Hole, Zen Kimchi, and Seoul Sub-Urban — not bad company.

Many thanks to Shawn, Dain, and Jon for all their work. And to all of you readers — October was the best month yet for the KGG (as measured by unique visitors).

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