KGG Staff 2010 Live Faves

By Shawn Despres

We at Korea Gig Guide are obviously big fans of live music and do our best to get out to as many shows as we possibly can.  Although we all saw many great performances over the last year, we’ve each compiled lists of the ones that stood out the most.  Here are our favourite concerts from 2010.  If anyone is interested, our 2009 picks are here.

Happy gigging in 2011!

Mark Russell
1. Japandroids @ Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain) on May 28
By far the most fun show I saw all year.
2. Caribou @ V-Hall on July 9
3. Mineri @ Cafe Bbang on July 16
4. LCD Soundsystem @ Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival on July 24
5. Martina Topley-Bird @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 31
6. 3rd Line Butterfly @ V-Hall on July 9
7. Belle & Sebastian @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 31
8. OK Go @ Merce Festival (Barcelona, Spain) on Sept. 24
9. Vamps @ Sala Apolo (Barcelona, Spian) on Oct. 12
10. Pixies @ Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain) on May 28
Actually, not so good, but for someone in my age group, I was happy I finally saw them live.

Dishonorable Mention:
The King Khan & BBQ Show @ Rolling Hall on June 19
Sure it was canceled, but how often do you get to be around for a band breaking up? Quality drama, and it did not cost a thing (except for Super Color Super, the poor promoter).

Shawn Despres
1. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO @ Rusty Spurs (SXSW, Texas, USA) on March 17
2. Matt & Kim @ White Stage (Fuji Rock Festival, Japan) on August 1
3. Caribou @ V-Hall on July 9
4. →Pia-no-jaC←, 8otto @ Sangsang Madang on December 4
5. Apollo 18 & friends (members of National Pigeon Unity, Donawhale, and Slow Fuzz) @ Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) on December 31
6. Vampilla @ The Toff in Town (Melbourne, Australia) on January 3
7. The Flaming Lips @ AX-Korea on November 20
8. Ego-Wrappin’ and The Gossip of Jaxx @ Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival on July 25
9. Galaxy Express @ Green Plugged Festival on May 21
10. (Tie between two concerts) Toe @ Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) on May 22
Vidulgi Ooyoo, Jambinai @ Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) on November 27

Jon Dunbar
1. “2007 Punk Rock Flashback (Jesse’s Welcome Back Show)”: SkaSucks, Suck Stuff, Attacking Forces, The Geeks, Shorty Cat, … Whatever That Means @ Club Spot on December 11
2. Return Bois, Brothers of the Hole, 100 Blossom Club, Paryumchiakdan, Captain Bootbois @ Hair Flower (formerly Skunk Hell) on December 18
3. I&I Djangdan, Kingston Rudieska, plus others @ Bibim Festival in Jeonju on May 21
4. Bane, Ceremony, Shellback, Banran, No Excuse, Things We Say, Geeks @ DGBD on May 22
5. “Stay Posi Festival”: Chadburger, …Whatever That Means, Banran, Vicious Nerds, 13 steps, Chokeslammer/Veteran, Things We Say, FC Five @ DGBD on April 25
6. SkaSucks, 99Anger, … Whatever That Means, No.1 Korean, Kickscotch, Attacking Forces, Black Leather Lagoon @ Club Spot on October 30
7. All the Purge Movemement shows @ Hongdae Playground
8. 51+ Party @ Dooriban on May 1
9. Bamseom Pirates, Vicious Nerds, Banran @ Dooriban on December 4
10. Chadburger, Shellback, Banran @ Queen Practice Studio on March 13

Dain Leathem

1. Green Day @ Olympic Gymnasium on January 18
Electric atmosphere, over two-and-a-half hour set, a tight band, a charismatic front man, and great songs – this is what all rock ‘n’ roll shows should be like.
2. Muse @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on August 1
3. Galaxy Express @ Ssangsang Madang on October 10
4. Serengeti @ Rolling Hall on September 4
5. Crying Nut @ Green Plugged Festival on May 22
6. “Crazy for Crash”: Crash, Art of Parties, Apollo 18, Pia @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 31
7. No Brain, YB, Kim Chang Wan Band @ Time to Rock Festival on June 4 – 5
8. Cocore @ Soundholic on April 25
9. Windy City @ Time to Rock on June 5
10. Kingston Rudieska, Re-Ska @ DGDB on December 24

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