Boa — Avant Garde and Experimental?

By Mark

Okay, this does not have much to do with live music, but I just ran across this brilliant website and just had to share. I’m talking about Model B, an unauthorized and unofficial tribute to Boa.

Apparently a collection of Korean avant garde, electronica artists have gotten together for Model B, contributing wildly re-imagined covers of songs by Boa, the famous Korean pop singer. Most of the names here are not very famous, but they are all quite good (and several of them play around Korea from time to time). And I see Byul’s and Yamagata Tweakster’s names attached to the website, so perhaps we will be seeing more covers before too long.

(Update: The Byul and Yamagata Tweakster songs have now been added).

Je Seok’s cover of I’LL EAT YOU UP is especially good, imho. But they are all worth a listen.

Model B. / A Tribute to BoA by ABoAB

3 thoughts on “Boa — Avant Garde and Experimental?

  1. Hi. My name’s Mimyo, and I’m participating in this project. I just came across your article. How could I miss this?! Thank you so much for presenting our project. I totally agree with you on Je Seok’s track. :)
    And maybe you know by now but that play set from Soundcloud is updating itself. :)
    I’m happy that you liked the idea. Please keep on waiting for the rest of the album, and until we release it on free download in several days!

  2. Hi Mimyo. Thanks so much for writing in. Yes, I saw that Byul and Tweakster have been added, so I updated the post.

    Very happy to hear you are going to have a downloadable version up soon.

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