Eshe Gets Her Groove On

By Mark

Very happy to see bellydancer Eshe Yildiz gracing the cover of the latest issue of Groove magazine. Eshe has been dancing with a variety of cool bands and music-related events since she came to Korea three-and-a-half years ago. And more recently, she opened a studio in Hongdae.

The article is well worth a read. Here is a good quote of Eshe’s from the Groove article:

“I love everything about belly dancing. It’s a celebration of the body. It’s a cultural and musical experience. It’s mind and soul nurturing. It’s a release.”

There have been a few dance waves come through Korea over the years. In the mid-late 90s, it was salsa. Then came swing and tango. Bellydancing is a little newer, but it seems to be doing well. It’s great to see anyone making the effort to improve the scene and really add to things, as opposed to just complaining. Congratulations to Eshe for all her successes so far, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

Here are videos of Orgeltanz & Eshe at the Grand Mint Festival and Eshe with Cocore at the Music Trip festival.

3 thoughts on “Eshe Gets Her Groove On

  1. Hello! I know that Eshe will be doing some shows in the next few weekends. Do you know where and when? Can you post that information here?


  2. Eshe has a show on May 21 in Hongdae at Guitar Men & Hippie Girls. All the info is posted on our coming events calendar. Guitar Men & Hippie Girls is near exit 8 of Hongik Station. It’s located between Strange Fruit and Bbang.

    I’ve heard that Eshe is also planning a big show on June 17 + 18 at Hodge Podge in Hongdae. It will be the official opening party for her belly dance studio. Both nights will have belly dancing and musicians from several Seoul indie bands will be DJing. We’ll post the full info on KGG once it’s been released.

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