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By Mark

Just a quick note to point out that Jisan Valley has announced their third (and I assume final) list of bands. Joining this year’s bill are: Atari Teenage Riot, Quruli (Japan), Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Chang Kiha & Faces, Kingston Rudieska, and Pia.

Pentaport should be making their first announcement pretty soon, too.

At long last, Pentaport’s first lineup has been announced: Korn, Plain White T’s, !!!, Neon Trees, Mamas Gun, Joe Brooks, No Brain, Garion, Schizo, Vassline, Wiretap in My Ear, Idiotape, Galaxy Express, The Geeks, Vidulgi Ooyoo, Hwang Boryung=Smacksoft, 13 Steps

9 thoughts on “More Summer Festival News

  1. The poster for the first Pentaport lineup is already on the fest’s Facebook page. Someone leaked it a few hours early. The official announcement comes down at 9 am.

    From what I’ve heard, Jisan Valley Rock Festival will be making four artist announcements this year. They’ve only added about 30 bands so part. I think they had close to 60 acts last year.

  2. Yeah, Pentaport posted, and it looks like after 10 years, they’re finally giving The Geeks a shot.

  3. This is only the sixth Pentaport. Do you mean after six years they are finally giving The Geeks a shot?

  4. Both festivals still have more bands to add (Jisan likely another 20+/ Pentaport 30 – 40). Maybe more things will get added that you like.

    From both fest’s new additions, I’m psyched to see that 9mm Parabellum Bullet (Jisan) and !!! (Pentaport) are coming to Korea.

  5. Thanks Shawn. Perhaps, I should have been contributed more with my last post.

    I thought last year,the Jisan headliners were pretty solid with Muse, Massive Attack,Belle and Sebastian, Vampire Weekend, Pet Shop Boys, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

    I’m not too excited with anyone yet. But am curious about a handful of bands at best. With Pentaport, even though it’s the first announcement, it doesn’t make me salivate.

    For mere speculation, looking at the bands from Fuji Rock, I’d like to see Coldplay, CAKE, Deerhoof, Four Tet, Manu Chau, Widespread Panic, Asia Dub Foundation, G Love, Shugo Tokumaru, Tinariwen, and Wilco thicken up the festival scene over here.

  6. I agree that all of the bands you listed would be welcome additions to this year’s Korean summer fests.

    Coldplay are doing Splendor in the Grass in Australia right after Fuji Rock. That festival is also on the same weekend as Fuji Rock, and the two events are sharing a bunch of bands (Mogwai, Warpaint, The Kills, etc.)

    Four Tet was here last December and Shugo Tokumaru was here last summer and at Xmas so both have Korean fan bases. Would be cool to see them here again. Like I said before, Jisan and Pentaport still both have more bands to announce so maybe more things that interest you will be added ^^

    Or, you could always hop on a plane and hit up Fuji Rock instead! It’s one of the best music festivals in the world. I’ve been for the last six years (this will be #7) and it’s amazing.

    What bands are you curious about at Jisan and Pentaport so far?

  7. Curious about The Music, Quruli, Jaurim, and Incubus. Going Friday so I can check it out.

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