Adios Guitar Men & Hippie Girls

By Shawn Despres

Hongdae bar Guitar Men & Hippie Girls will be closing up shop at the end of this month.  Wanting to end things on a high note, the intimate venue will be hosting three goodbye gigs this weekend.

Tonight (August 26), Starry-Eyed, Humpbacks, and Romantica will perform.  Romantica is a new instrumental rock act that features  former members of Oriental Lucy.  Bellydancer Eshe will be joining the band for a pair of cuts.  Doors open at 9 pm and the cover charge is 5,000 won with one free drink.

Saturday night will feature 3rd Line Butterfly and an acoustic set from Apollo 18.  Doors open at 8 pm and the cover charge is 5,000 won with one free drink.  Apollo 18 held an unplugged concert at Guitar Men & Hippie Girls back in March just prior to departing for their USA tour.  Below is a clip from that night of the group doing a playful version of “High Stepper” with Dong Hoon from National Pigeon Unity serving as guest vocalist.

Guitar Men & Hippie Girls’ farewell bash will finish on Sunday with a dub and ska party.  Kingston Rudieska vocalist Suk Yuel, Re-ska’s Hong Gi, and Woodakahi (ex-Funkafric & BoostDah) will all take turns spinning tunes.  Doors will open at 7 and there’s no cover charge.


Directions to Guitar Men & Hippie Girls: From Hongik Station go out exit 8 and turn right. Walk up the street and turn left at the convenience store on the corner. Stay on the right hand side of the street (you’ll pass a bunch of BBQ restaurants) and turn right at the first proper road (not one of the small alleyways). Walk up the left side of the road. Guitar Men & Hippie Girls is about half-way up the street (across from Beetlejuice, on the same side as Club Bbang and Gopchangjeongol). For more info, call 010-2088-4642 (Korean and English).

3 thoughts on “Adios Guitar Men & Hippie Girls

  1. every time something awesome happens you guys post it the night of, on a friday. Come on ! nobody checks this right before they leave the house and we all end up missing these things when we check out the site sunday morning and smacking ourselves. Please try and post htings earlier in the week. Thank you.

  2. Everyone at the KGG does what they can to help the scene as much as they can … but we are volunteers with jobs and lives. If you hear about something interesting that hasn’t been mentioned, feel free to write in and let us know. Or if that is not good enough, you can apply for a full refund anytime…

  3. Well said, Mark! The show listings for The Guitarmen & Hippie Girls closing events were posted in our calendar a week before they happened. Read the calendar regularly, and you’ll be kept abreast on any cool happenings we know about.

    And don’t be afraid to give the site a quick read through on Friday, as well! It seems like a simple way to solve you missing weekend stuff.

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