Rally to Save Badabie

By Mark

Badabie is a long-running live club in Hongdae, putting on shows regularly since 2004. Honestly, I cannot remember the first time I crept down those dingy steps to check out a show… Maybe it was for a Bulgasari experimental showcase on a Sunday afternoon? Or perhaps it was to meet a friend who was confident he had found the next hot band in Hongdae. But I do remember that feeling of curiosity, walking past the front door and seeing cheap posters plastered on and around the door, hearing the clanging and noise bubbling up from below.

Badabie was located by the bridge over the train tracks (well, the former train tracks now), in a quiet part of Donggyo-dong. Although the gentrification and coffee-ification of Hongdae has now spread pretty much all the way to Shinchon, back in 2004 Badabi’s location was a real dead zone, and it was to overlook. It is not the nicest venue in town or the biggest, but over the years a lot of great bands passed through there.

Sadly, though, Badabie’s owner was recently diagnosed with some kind of brain tumor and needed some expensive surgery — not the sort of thing a Hongdae club owner usually budgets for. The surgery appears to have gone well, but now there are a lot of bills to pay, not to mention having to deal with the continual rent hikes of Hongdae these days (I think he hasn’t paid his rent in quite a few months).

So in a great show of solidarity, 137 indie bands and eight clubs are getting together for 10 days of shows to help out Badabie, in a series called “Badabie Will Never Die“. Most of the top indie bands in Korea will be playing, often in venues much smaller than you would ordinarily find them, so it is a great chance to catch a lot of music … not to mention help out a good guy and Hongdae institution.

Tickets go on sale Sept. 8 and cost 20,000 won (I don’t know if that’s per show, per day, or what exactly… but I’m trying to find out).

Thurs., Sept. 15
Badabie – 7:30

Juck Juck Haeseo Grunzie, Bunabi, Poe, Hwang Boryung Band, Crying Nut
V Hall – 7:30
Goodbye Sea, Savina and Drones, 10cm, Icy Cider, Galaxy Express

Fri., Sept. 16
Badabie – 7pm
Flat Out, Electric Eel, Bamseom Pirates, 99 Anger, National Pigeon Unity, Ankle Attack, Apollo 18
C Cloud – 7pm
Becks And Josh, Seokjoon, Green Face, The Finn, The Freaks, Nabimat, Rubin

Sat., Sept. 17
C Cloud – 4pm

Jang Folk, Hado, Timirho, Beautiful Days, 9 and the Numbers
C Cloud – 7pm
Line 9 Interchange, Kim Mok-in, Jeff Park, Victor View, Sogyumo Acacia Band, 3rd Line Butterfly

Sun., Sept. 18
Yri Cafe – 5pm
Yang Chang-geun, Solsolbuneun Bombaram, Hajji and Seoul Seagull, Sohee, Manggakhwa
AOR – 6pm
Swimming Doll, Murmur’s Loom, Tenderlign, The Quip, Daydream, Vidulgi Ooyoo

Mon., Sept. 19
Badabie – 7:30pm

Erang, Boochoolaamaa, Broken Money, Yamagata Tweakster, Ash Gray, Dear Cloud

Tues., Sept. 20
Rolling Hall – 7pm

Midnight Smoking Drive, Oh Ji-eun, Joaseohaneun Band, Kafka, Huckleberry Finn, Telepathy, Gate Flowers
Badabie – 8pm
Hawaii, Modeun Gayageum Jeong Mina, Hi Mr. Memory, Jang Jaein

Wed., Sept. 21
Club Ta – 7pm

Black Bag, YNot, Kim Master, Choi Go Eun, Que Bosta, Jokkareul Rose, Chang Kiha and the Faces
Badabie – 7:30pm
Kim Sujin, Surisurimahasuri, Mujeungryeok Sonyeon, Yozoh, Uju Hippy, Son Ji-yeon

Thurs., Sept. 22
Badabie – 7pm

Devil E So Marco, Baekja, Nangman Yurang Akdan, Jo Taejoon, Big Baby Driver, Selli Selli Sellinneu, Jeong Mina and Haegeum
Yogiga – 7pm
Dorin, Namu Band, Hoegidong Danpeonseon, Anakin Project, Sai, Sato Yukie, Taehiyeon

Fri., Sept 23
Badabie – 7:30pm
Number Nine, Javo Island, Siberian Husky, The Moon, Tacapi, Ally Spears
C Cloud – 7pm
Raccoon, Shin Jae Jin, Scarfish, Neutbom, Oh Soyoung, Lee Janghyuk

Sat., Sept. 24
C-Cloud – 7pm

Tumyeong, Morrison Hotel, Park Hyeri, Jeong Yeong-geun, Party Story, Ravie Nuage
Badabie – 6pm
Spiky Brats, Couch, Dokkaebi Assault, Style Live, Combative Post, Vicious Glare, 13 Steps, Kicks

Sun., Sept. 25
Club Auteur – 4pm

Unique Shadow, Citi M, DK, Soul, Lee Han-choul
Club Auteur – 7pm
Seo Yeong-do Band, Ha Hyeon-yong Band, Renata Suicide, Jae, New York Fish
Badabie – 6pm
Dringe Augh, Desert Dolphin, Ironic Hue, Brocolli You Too, and more
Yogiga – 6pm
Slow Baby, FE, Guten Birds, Pavlov, The United 93, No Control, Pigbit5

You can learn more about the shows at Badabie’s website. And if you understand Korean, there is this video to explain more:

2 thoughts on “Rally to Save Badabie

  1. This sounds so cool! I have a question, though… I have a couple of bands that I want to see in concert while I’m in Seoul, but I have no idea how to find out if they’re playing at all. Artists like Zitten don’t even have show information on their websites (or maybe I’m missing something, my Korean isn’t too great) and I was wondering if there was just a big list of upcoming shows posted somewhere on a Korean site.

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