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Lots Of Love And Other Goodness At Love Camp 2011

By Shawn Despes

Love Camp will be making its return today (October 30) at Obeg (500) in Hongdae. The very cool Love Camp Psychedelic Flower Music Festival ran for seven years at a beautiful forest location in Hong Chon, Kangwon-do. There was no ticket charge for Love Camp, and food and drink were also provided for free.


The last Love Camp took place in the summer of 2009. The land used for the fest’s site was sold after that, so Love Camp didn’t take place in 2010. Sadly the events founder, Hong Jong-su, passed away in January of this year.

Despite the festival being moved indoors, today’s show will follow Jong-su’s Love Camp vision. Entrance is free and there will be complimentary food and drinks. The show starts at 6 pm and there will be a dozen acts and DJs performing. While no time schedule has been released, this is the playing order according to the Love Camp poster: Adam Zlattner, Gwaeng, Googolplex, MukiMuki Manmansu, The Alligators, SuriSuri Mahasuri, Kim Ban Jang (from Windy City) and Earth Party, Soul Steady Rockers, Telepathy, Apollo 18, Special guest, and the Bulgasari collective.

Check out photos from Love Camp 2008 here and Love Camp 2009 here.

Halloween Punk Party

By Jon

A lot of venues are going to be competing for the best Halloween party this year. However, my money’s on Club Spot, who are hosting the third annual Still Alive Halloween Punk Party. If you show up in costume, it’s only 10 000 won.

Though according to Jeff, the promoter and lead vocalist of …Whatever That Means, “wearing a Misfits Jack-O-Lantern t-shirt, name tag with someone else’s name on it, writing “BOOK” across your face, and other lame crap like that…..these are not costumes.”

…Whatever That Means (90s Punk)
The Geeks (Hardcore)
Burning Hepburn (Ska-Punk)
SkaSucks (Ska-Punk)
Captain Bootbois (Oi Punk)
Midnight Smokin’ Drive (Bluesy Garage Rock)
Black Leather Lagoon (Korea’s only Cramps tribute band)

Outside, there will be events loosely connected with the show. There should be pumpkin carving, and members of the Jungang Hansik tour will present the Andong Soju Taste Challenge, where you can compare quality Andong Soju with the convenience store stuff (while supplies last).

Some pictures from last year:

…Whatever That Means


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Byul Has a New Album, and a Concert

By Mark

The laid-back electronica group Byul has a new album coming out — with the great title Secret Stories Heard From a Girl in an Opium Den — and to promote that release, they are holding a release concert-performance-party this Saturday (Oct. 22). Along with Byul, there will be Baik Hyunjhin and Kuang Program playing, and the deejays Sulki & Min, Sticky Monster Lab, Work Room, Lowrise, and Jang Woochul. That’s a fairly impressive lineup for 25,000 won.

Byul, of course, first rose to fame with the soundtrack to the quirky and wonderful film Take Care of My Cat. But since then, the group has added members and grown, and put out a whole series of abstract design magazines called Monthly Vampire, and done plenty of other funky stuff. You can get a great overview of the band at The Creators Project.

It’s an early show, though, beginning at 5pm (doors open at 4:30) at Theater Zero in Hongdae. Theater Zero is a bit hard to find these days, and the old URL does not seem to be working anymore, so I linked to a Google map for it. But the theater is on a tiny, winding backstreet in the heart of Hongdae, not far from the bustling Hongdae Park.

Oh, and I linked to Byul’s “Pacific” once before, but I quite like it, so here it is again:


Btw, this is looking like a great weekend for music in Korea. In addition to Byul, we have shows by traditional-postrock Jambinai (at Sangsang Madang on Thursday), the Grand Mint Festival in Olympic Park, Evergreen Festival at Hangang Park, the second Seoul Night concert series at clubs all over Hongdae on Friday, and a screening of the old film Nosferatu with a live orchestra playing the score (at Platoon Kunsthalle at 7pm on Saturday). So many fun choices….

Broke in Korea #13 Release Show

By Jon

Broke in Korea is Korea’s longest-running English-language zine (as well as a defunct, related message board). With a couple issues out every year, it showcases what’s going on in the underground.

This issue features more bilingual content, with interviews with Rux, Billy Carter, Find the Spot, Hong9, NoControl, Vad Hahn of Yamagata Tweakster/Amature Amplifier/Stretching Journey, Midnight Smokin’ Drive, and Scumraid. As well, there are CD reviews, comics, and a travel diary of a voyage through Korea’s heartland by some of Korea’s most absurd foreigners, as part of a food tour.

This time, the zine is being released at Club Crack this Saturday at 7pm, where eight of Korea’s best underground bands will take the stage. Among the acts are Billy Carter, Midnight Smokin’ Drive, Find the Spot, and Hong9 (drummer of Captain Bootbois), who you can read about in the zine. They’re also joined by the Patients, Skasucks, Shellback, and Black Leather Lagoon.

RSVP here. Stop by, pick up a zine, listen to the bands, and drink until the subways open.

What’s Happening in October

By Jon

I know this post is somewhat late now, but if you skip by the first few entries I think you’ll get a good idea of some of the bigger shows coming up in Korea this month.

I recently started working for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and as part of my job I compiled this list of shows for October.

Go forth, and if you find it helpful or have anything to add/quibble about/correct, please let me know. It was more work than I was expecting, and if I get enough support I’d consider making it a monthly feature.

There are tons of shows missing, but this is intended as kind of the biggest shows of the month. Full disclosure, I’m putting on a show this month that didn’t make the list, so don’t bother looking for any sorts of biases of self interest.

UPDATE (by Mark): Jon’s list is great, but I just wanted to add that this weekend is the Ulsan World Music Festival. There is a lot of good stuff on the playbill, all worth watching, but I really have to point out Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 — I saw them a few months ago in Spain and they were just excellent. Very much in the spirit of Seun’s amazing father Fela Kuti, with a host of great performers. Highly recommended.