Broke in Korea #13 Release Show

By Jon

Broke in Korea is Korea’s longest-running English-language zine (as well as a defunct, related message board). With a couple issues out every year, it showcases what’s going on in the underground.

This issue features more bilingual content, with interviews with Rux, Billy Carter, Find the Spot, Hong9, NoControl, Vad Hahn of Yamagata Tweakster/Amature Amplifier/Stretching Journey, Midnight Smokin’ Drive, and Scumraid. As well, there are CD reviews, comics, and a travel diary of a voyage through Korea’s heartland by some of Korea’s most absurd foreigners, as part of a food tour.

This time, the zine is being released at Club Crack this Saturday at 7pm, where eight of Korea’s best underground bands will take the stage. Among the acts are Billy Carter, Midnight Smokin’ Drive, Find the Spot, and Hong9 (drummer of Captain Bootbois), who you can read about in the zine. They’re also joined by the Patients, Skasucks, Shellback, and Black Leather Lagoon.

RSVP here. Stop by, pick up a zine, listen to the bands, and drink until the subways open.

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