Byul Has a New Album, and a Concert

By Mark

The laid-back electronica group Byul has a new album coming out — with the great title Secret Stories Heard From a Girl in an Opium Den — and to promote that release, they are holding a release concert-performance-party this Saturday (Oct. 22). Along with Byul, there will be Baik Hyunjhin and Kuang Program playing, and the deejays Sulki & Min, Sticky Monster Lab, Work Room, Lowrise, and Jang Woochul. That’s a fairly impressive lineup for 25,000 won.

Byul, of course, first rose to fame with the soundtrack to the quirky and wonderful film Take Care of My Cat. But since then, the group has added members and grown, and put out a whole series of abstract design magazines called Monthly Vampire, and done plenty of other funky stuff. You can get a great overview of the band at The Creators Project.

It’s an early show, though, beginning at 5pm (doors open at 4:30) at Theater Zero in Hongdae. Theater Zero is a bit hard to find these days, and the old URL does not seem to be working anymore, so I linked to a Google map for it. But the theater is on a tiny, winding backstreet in the heart of Hongdae, not far from the bustling Hongdae Park.

Oh, and I linked to Byul’s “Pacific” once before, but I quite like it, so here it is again:


Btw, this is looking like a great weekend for music in Korea. In addition to Byul, we have shows by traditional-postrock Jambinai (at Sangsang Madang on Thursday), the Grand Mint Festival in Olympic Park, Evergreen Festival at Hangang Park, the second Seoul Night concert series at clubs all over Hongdae on Friday, and a screening of the old film Nosferatu with a live orchestra playing the score (at Platoon Kunsthalle at 7pm on Saturday). So many fun choices….

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