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KGG Staff 2011 Live Faves

Here’s Korea Gig Guide’s third annual “Staff Live Faves” list.  Running a concert website, we do our best to watch as much live music as we can each year.  And while we saw many good gigs in 2011, below are the 10 shows that we each enjoyed the most.

If anyone is interested, our 2009 picks are here and our 2010 picks are here.

Shawn Despres
1. Kopchangjeongol with Eshe @ Yogiga on March 6
2. Amadou and Mariam @ Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) on July 29
3. Juck Juck Grunzie @ Badabie on August 20
4. Apollo 18 @ Dragon’s Den (New Orleans, USA) on March 21
5. Warpaint @ Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) on July 31
6. Te’ @ Ssamize Sound Fest on October 2
7. Groove All Stars @ Green Plugged Festival on May 15
8. TV Yellow @ Strange Fruit on June 12
9. Sunday Losers @ Dooriban on April 30
10. Choock Choock Band @ Live Club Ssam (Ssamzie Space) on January 22

Jon Dunbar
(shows listed by date)
1. Skasucks, 100 Blossom Club, Return Bois, Shellback, Chadburger, Find the Spot, Brothers of the Hole @ Dooriban on April 2
2. Hellking, Brothers of the Hole, Chadburger, Shellback, Sink to Rise, The Geeks, Find the Spot @ Badabie on April 16
3. Sink to Rise, Bamseom Pirates, Vicious Bomb Juice, Cal Bones, Shellback, Warpath, No Control, Sex Boys, Find the Spot, Christfuck @ Dooriban on May 21
4. Spiky Brats, The Tremors, No Control, Midnight Smokin’ Drive, The Swindlers, …Whatever That Means @ Club Spot on June 16
5. Mookimookimanmansu, Bamseom Pirates, Kuang Program, Stretching Journey @ Kuchu Camp on July 31
6. Find the Spot, Billy Carter, The Essence, MR27 @ Kuchu Camp on September 4
7. Darge, Sad Legend, Day of Mourning, Gukdo, Find the Spot, Terrormight, Scumraid @ Badabie on September 17
8. Skasucks, Burning Hepburn, The Swindlers, Captain Bootbois, Spiky Brats, Nachopupa, Stoned, Raise a Flag, Tabloid Play, Proud Hammers, Rollings @ Club Spot on November 28
9. The Geeks, Things We Say, Pariah, Find the Spot, No Excuse, Last of the Diehards, Combative Post, All I Have, Seoul Mothers, No Turning Back, As We Let Go @ Club Crack on December 3
10. Billy Carter, Pornatarium, Cunttlefish, Guk-Do, Dokkaebi Assault, Paryumchiakdan, Attacking Forces, Chanters Alley, CalBones, Scumraid, Captain Bootbois, All Kids Make Mistakes @ Club Spot on December 31

Dain Leathem
(shows listed by date)
1. Crying Nut @ DGDB on February 13
2. Ska Wars @ Club Ta on April 30
3. Serengeti @ Green Plugged Festival on May 15
4. GoGo Star @ Green Plugged Festival on May 15
5. The Koxx @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 30
6. Yellow Monsters @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 30
7. 10 cm @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival, July 31
8. Seoul Electric Band @ Club FF on November 11
9. Mogwai @ Ax-Korea on November 30
10. Galaxy Express @ Club FF on Dec 31