Monthly Archives: July 2012

Because Who Doesn’t Love Free Sh#t

Rux, 100 Blossom Club, and Humpbacks are playing a free show today at Hongdae Park.  The show was originally scheduled to take place at 4 pm, but it has now been pushed back to 7 pm.

“The people from Free Market heard about our show through Facebook and called us,” says Rux vocalist Won Jong-hee.  “They asked us to change the starting time because they thought we would be pretty loud – which it true!  We don’t want to scare any people away from the afternoon market so we’ll start a bit later.”

As previously reported on KGG, Rux made their return to the local live scene in early June.  They were great at their Seoul comeback show on June 10.  The Humpbacks issued their debut full-length, “1st Album,” last weekend at Bbang and played with a ton of energy and passion at their CD release party.  With both acts and 100 Blossom Club performing, Hongdae Park is going to be a fun place to be this evening.

And today’s awesome weather will make being outside and listening to some great noisy music even better.