Punk Rock Toy Drive

As Hongdae braces for the annual flood of Multiple Santas (my favourite Tick villain), the punk community escapes down to Mullae-dong for a yuletide charity show at Moon.

In classic punk style they kept the door price a low 5000 won for five bands–and you can get free admission if you bring a gift for the orphanage–toys, stationery/art supplies, and books will all be accepted. All donations and profits go to the Sangrok Orphanage.

This will be the debut show of Heimlich County Gun Club, the new band of Paul Bricky, who is also organising the show. You might remember him as the half-Korean guitarist of Suck Stuff, back when they were really good. Now you can get a chance to hear what kind of music he’s come up with in the five years since then.

Rounding out the bill are hardcore bands Mixed Blood and Assassination Squad, and garage punk bands Dead Buttons and the Veggers.

This will show will also mark the release of Broke in Korea 15, Korea’s longest-running underground zine. Pick it up for interviews with Veggers, Mixed Blood, the Essence, Animal Anthem, Yuppie Killers, No Excuse, and Noeazy, as well as information about avoiding cults in Korea, advice for putting on your own concert, a special offer for a free tattoo, and more.

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  1. Cute idea with a very good cause. I like how musicians incorporate their talents to use it as means to help such noble cause. May you continue being the good people.

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