Six-Band Party Rock Out for Those in Need

This Saturday night, there is a great chance to enjoy some live music and help an awesome cause.  An event called the “PSCORE Six-Band charity concert at Club Freebird” is on from 10pm. Obviously, there are six bands involved and it is based at Club Freebird!

PSCORE (People for Successful COrean REunification) is a Seoul- and Washington, DC-based NGO that focuses on a range of issues pertaining to North Korea.  More information about the organization can he found here.  This weekend’s PSCORE concert will include performances from The Essence, Les Sales, The Wasted Johnny’s, Samba Mamba, Love X Stereo, and The Studs Lonigan Experience.  The cover charge is 10,000 won, and all the proceeds will go towards funding for educational activities and social programs for North Korean defectors in South Korea, and activities focusing on information and awareness about human rights in North Korea.

For more information about Saturday night’s fundraiser gig, check out the Facebook event page here.

2 thoughts on “Six-Band Party Rock Out for Those in Need

  1. Another concert for a cause. I look up to those gifted musicians who share their talents and think of ways to share more of them. I hope others would follow.

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