Seoul gets Headbutted

This weekend, Daegu punk band Mr. Headbutt (박치기 씨) finishes up their “world tour” across Korea, having bounced back and forth between interior cities Daejeon and Daegu before wrapping the tour in Seoul.

They’re pimping their new CD “Netizens Must Die!” and also delivering a long-overdue message advocating the death of everybody on the Internet. Described as “basic, unpretentious, non-cerebral but immensely enjoyable punk music” in Broke in Korea issue 15, the album will be on sale at Horus Garage in Daegu on Friday and Powwow in Seoul on Saturday. Joining them will be Giant Bear, the Veggers, and Skasucks for a fun night of Winter Solstice punk rock.

Although the members of the band hail from all over the English-speaking world, they apparently are from the future. As they say… “In 2751 Frognark 5 (formerly known as Earth) is a barren wasteland of multi-colored sugar skulls and delicious breakfast cereals. Where did it all go so wrong? The survivors knew that the answer was 2011, when Mr. Headbutt met and began making music. We come from the future to save all of humanity from destruction at the hands of history’s most horrible enemy….US!!!!”

Wait a second, did I read that right? Or did they just caps lock “us”?

Click to RSVP. For an online preview of “Netizens Must Die!” turn off your irony detector and click here.

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