KGG Staff 2012 Live Faves

This is being posted a bit later than usual, but here’s Korea Gig Guide’s annual “Staff Live Faves” list sharing the 10 shows from the past year that we each enjoyed the most.

If anyone is interested, our 2009 picks are here, our 2010 picks are here, and you can see our 2011 picks here.

Shawn Despres
1. Fucked Up @ Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) on July 29

2. Hellivison (with Myung-soo Hwang) @ Strange Fruit on March 30

3. Mono with The Holy Ground Orchestra @ Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) on July 28

4. Apollo 18 @ Salon Badabie on November 17

5. Moja @ Salon Badabie on May 19

6. Morrissey @ Uniqlo AX on May 6

7. Rux @ Rolling Hall on June 10

8. Underwears Band @ Sangsang Madang (Label Market) on February 17

9. Summit Beatbox @ Yogiga Expression Gallery on October 28

10. (Tie between two concerts) Romantiqua @ Club Freebird on November 16
Toyshop @ Salon Badabie on November 17

Jon Dunbar
1. Heimlich County Gun Club, Mixed Blood, Veggers, Dead Buttons (Punk Rock Toy Drive) @ Alternative Space [Moon] on December 8 (live photos here)

2. Suck Stuff (with Paul Brickey), Skasucks, Captain Bootbois @ DGBD on June 16 (live photos here)

3. Attacking Forces, Chanter’s Alley, Samchung, Captain Bootbois @ Club Spot on July 28 (live photos here)

4. Babylove and the Van Dangos, The Essence, Josh Roy, Kingston Rudieska, Funkafric & Boostdah @ Club Ta on October 11 (live photos here)

5. Find the Spot, Smoking Barrels, Kitsches, Burn My Bridges, Pariah, Last of the Diehards, Seoul Mothers, No Excuse, Animal Anthem, 13 Steps, Things We Say, The Geeks (Townhall Benefit for Hwang Kyusuck) @ Powwow on November 24 (live photos here)

6. Tyler Brown and Sato Yukie, Brothers of the Hole, Mixed Blood, No Control, Something Fierce, Chadburger, Scumraid @ Lowrise on August 4 (live photos here)

7. Shin Jung-hyun at Olympic Park Gymnasium on December 2

8. Mukimukimanmansu, Pavlov, Paryumchiakdan, Bamseom Pirates (Rhee Sung-woong Exhibition) @ Artsonje Center on April 13 (live photos here)

9. Paul Brickey and Al Dunbar @ Danginri Theater on June 23 (live photos here)

10. Shinchonji National Olympiad @ Jamsil Olympic Stadium on September 16 (live photos here)

Dain Leathem
(shows listed by date)
1. Yellow Monsters and Galaxy Express @ Rolling Hall on February 5

2. Crystal Rain @ Club Evans on March 10

3. Harry Big Button @ Strange Fruit on April 6

4. Radiohead @ Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 27

5. Skrillex @ UMF Festival on August 3

6. T-Bone Ska and Kingston Rudieska @ Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival on August 11

7. Maroon 5 @ Jamsil Sports Complex on September 15

8. Glen Check @ Let’s Rock Festival on September 22

9. Babylove and the Van Dangos @ Club Ta on October 11

10. Apollo 18 @ Club FF on November 16

We hope all of you see countless great gigs in 2013!

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