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You May Now Rock the Bride

Rux vocalist Won Jong-hee is getting married this afternoon, and to celebrate the occasion he’s throwing a big ol’ bash at Uniqlo-AX this evening (April 20).  Rux, Crying Nut, No Brain, Galaxy Express, and Gogo Star will all play as part of the wedding party.

Won and his bride, an illustrator who goes by the name Senan3, will actually be holding their wedding ceremony at the large Uniqlo-AX concert hall, and then everyone will be working to get things set up for the post-nuptials gig.

“One of my favorite songs from Rux is ‘Our Life, Our Stage,’” says Won.  “Anyone can put their life on a stage.  And for Rux, we started our lives on a stage and we’ll end our lives on a stage.  So I thought why not get married on a stage too.  So we decided to throw our wedding at AX hall.  After we chose to have our wedding on the venue’s big stage, we had to decide on some wedding singers for the wedding reception.  So we said, ‘F#ck it!  Let’s just have a big punk rock show instead.’”

The bill for the wedding show is filled with bands that Rux has been closely linked to for a long time.

“Crying Nut and No Brain were the two bands that started the Korean punk scene with Rux back in early 1996,” says Won.  “Ju-hyun from Galaxy Express played bass in Rux for about five years, and Tae-Sun from Gogo Star used to play bass with us as well.  All those bands mean a lot to us, and I’m happy they could be a part of my wedding celebrations.”

The Ruckus Wedding concert takes place at Uniqlo-AX on Saturday, April 20.  The show starts at 6 pm and tickets are 10,000 won.

Rockin’ and Shakin’ for a Good Cause

The third edition of The Shake Shop – a monthly concert series mixing live indie music with bellydance that is co-presented by Mangwon’s Dream Dance Studio and Korea Gig Guide – will take place tonight (April 19) at Club Freebird in Hongdae.

This month’s Shake Shop will be a fundraising event with proceeds from the door being donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The show’s organizer, local bellydancer Eshe, and I both have a young family member with cystic fibrosis which is why we decided to use April’s Shake Shop to help raise money for this particular hard-working organization.

Tonight’s show will see Eshe and her Navah troupe collaborating with Juck Juck Grunzie, Jambinai, and Smacksoft. Juck Juck Grunzie recently performed their first overseas gigs during a Taiwan tour that saw them playing a club concert in Taipei and also appearing at the Spring Scream music festival. The noisy, psychedelic post-punk quartet are currently working on their debut full-length. The album is being produced by Apollo 18’s Kim Dae-inn.

Jambinai’s fantastic mix of post-rock and traditional Korean music netted the trio “Best Crossover Album” at the 2013 Korean Music Awards. Jambinai will be making their first foray abroad this spring for a May 25 concert at the World Village Festival in Helsinki, Finland. The act will also play at Cena Contemporanea in Brazil in August.

According to band member Lee Il-woo, Jambinai are happy to be helping raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at this month’s Shake Shop.

“It’s always a pleasure for us if we can help someone else through our music,” he says.

The group have collaborated with modern dancers before, but this will be their first time working together with bellydancers.

“We’re not sure how our music will fit with bellydance because we’ve never done anything like this before,” says Lee. “But we know Eshe and have seen her performance in Apollo 18’s ‘Orbis’ music video. It was really good. We’re hoping we have a similar result at the show.”

The last several months have seen Seoul post-punk band Smacksoft complete an American tour and release their fifth full-length, “Follow Your Heart.” The band are crafting material for a new EP right now that they hope to issue sometime this summer. Smacksoft and Eshe worked together during a Christmas concert in 2011 at Evan’s Lounge. Smacksoft front woman Whang Bo-ryung is looking forward to teaming up again.

“Our last experience collaborating with Eshe was really great,” says Whang. “I’m excited for the Shake Shop show. I think our new music will go well with bellydancing, and I trust Eshe and Navah to do some cool and beautiful things while we play.

The Shake Shop Vol. 3 takes place on Friday, April 19 at Club Freebird in Hongdae. Eshe and Navah will perform alongside Smacksoft, Jambinai, and Juck Juck Grunzie. The show starts at 11 pm and the cover charge is 10,000 won with one free drink. Proceeds from the door will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. For more information about The Shake Shop Vol. 3, check out the gig’s Facebook event page here.