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Shake Shop: Six Months of Shaking and Rocking

Mixing bellydance with some of the coolest live music Seoul has to offer, the Shake Shop concert series is co-presented each month by Dream Dance Studio and Korea Gig Guide. This Friday night (July 19) marks the six-month anniversary of the event and will see Eshe and the bellydance troupe Navah shimmying and shaking at Hongdae’s Club Freebird while Yamagata Tweakster, Summit Beatbox, and Sato Yukie play.

A one-man party machine, Yamagata Tweakster’s very cool disco-infused electro-pop is nearly impossible not to dance along to. During performances, Yamagata Tweakster usually does a whole lot of grooving and audience members are encouraged to do the same. Adding a bunch of beautiful bellydancers to the mix should increase this tenfold and make Friday night’s gig even more of a blowout.

Yamagata Tweakster shares why he wanted to be a part of July’s Shake Shop.

“Eshe asked me about playing a show together and I checked out her videos online,” he says. “I thought it would be very interesting to perform together. I think my music mixed with bellydancers will be very unusual. This is what attracted me to the idea.”

Yamagata Tweakster recently completed a Japanese tour, his second of the year. He says the trek was a bit challenging because he was battling sickness. But things improved as the concerts progressed. Here’s a live clip of an awesome street show Yamagata Tweakster did in Shimokitazawa back in January during his first round of live dates in Japan.

I first saw Summit Beatbox perform last fall, and he was fantastic which is why I listed him in my 10 favourite performances of 2012. He started off this year by being crowned the champion at the EXP 2013 Korea Beatboxer Grand Match.

Summit Beatbox shares why he wanted to be a part of Shake Shop Vol. 6 and how he plans to adapt his style to better complement the bellydancing.

“I really like collaborations because I like being able to experience other genres,” he says. “Beatboxing is not traditional bellydance music so I’m going to try to mix in other styles of music like dubstep, house, and hip-hop while the girls dance.”

Eshe and Sato Yukie have done gigs together throughout the country. So signing on to do Shake Shop was an easy decision for him.

“I’m always happy to work with Eshe because she loves my music,” says Sato. “And, of course, I always enjoy collaborating with other artists.”

Sato is a cornerstone of the city’s folk, psychedelic, and experimental scenes and no matter what style of music he’s playing always puts on shows that are wonderfully eccentric and highly entertaining. He will be focusing on his rock and folk music at Shake Shop. Like the other performers on the bill, his songs are not the usual fare that people would expect to hear at a bellydance show. But when asked why he thinks it will still work well, he gives an answer that is simple but incredibly true.

“That’s the magic of music.”

The Shake Shop Vol. 6 takes place on Friday, July 19 at Club Freebird. The show starts at 11:00 pm and the cover charge is 10,000 won with one free drink. Eshe and Navah will perform alongside Sato Yukie, Summit Beatbox, and Yamagata Tweakster. For more information about The Shake Shop Vol. 6, check out the show’s Facebook event page here. Set times for The Shake Shop Vol. 6 are as follows:

11:00 Sato Yukie
11:45 Summit Beatbox
12:00 Navah
12:15 Summit Beatbox
12:30 Yamagata Tweakster

So Many Fests!

With a few great festivals having taken place this year already, the next three months sees a plethora of big events for music lovers in South Korea. No matter what genre you are into, there is something for you, and it begs the question, is there too much?

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect in summer 2013 in terms of big music festivals.

Ansan Valley Rock Festival – So the spin off from Pentaport has now changed its location and name, only for someone else to steal their previous name and location. Confused? This one is the team that has been behind the last four Jisan Valley Rock Festivals, and has now moved to Daebu Island, but is keeping the same dates and set up. With a very strong line up, including big names Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Skrillex, Stereophonics, My Bloody Valentine, The XX, Foals, and Fun performing alongside a range of other acts, this continues to be the one to beat this summer. Will the new location improve things?

One- and three-day tickets, plus camping packs, are all on sale, and the fest takes place on the last weekend of July, from the 26-28th.  One-day tickets cost 140,000 won in advance and 160,00 won at the gates.  Three-day tickets cost 240,000 won in advance and 260,000 won at the gates.  Information on buying tickets in English is here.

Jisan World Rock Festival– The old venue, almost the old name, but an all-new event – the first Jisan World Rock Festival has surely surprised a few people with its strong line up. Jamiroquai, Placebo, Weezer, Nas, The Dandy Warhols and Switchfoot join an array of local and Japanese bands. Taking place on August 2-4, it could be the dark horse of the summer.

There’s a 10% discount on tickets until July 31.  One-day tickets are currently 112,500 won (but go up to 125,000 won on August 1).  Two-day tickets are 162,000 won (but go up to 180,000 won on August 1).  Three-day tickets are 225,000 won (but go up 250,000 won on August 1).  Information on buying tickets in English is here.

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival – The oldest running event, going since 2006, has a few big names at this year’s edition.  Most notably Suede and Fall Out Boy, along with veterans Steelheart, Skid Row, Testament, and more recent acts like Blood Red Shoes, The Big Pink and Glasvegas. It’s handily located in Incheon and it takes place on August 2-4, meaning people have to make a big decision between Pentaport and Jisan World Rock Festival.

There’s a 5% discount on tickets until August 1.  One-day tickets are currently 94,000 won (but go up to 99,000 won on August 2).  Two-day tickets are 135,800 won (but go up 143,000 won on August 2).  Three-day tickets are 156,700 won (but go up to 165,000 won on August 2).  Information on buying tickets in English is here.

Super Sonic – In its second year, this two-day, mid-week festival is showing a nice variety, with big names including the Pet Shop Boys, John Legend, Earth Wind & Fire, Two Door Cinema Club, Hot Chelle Rae, and Will Moon, along with locals like Glen Check, Cho Yong Pil and Dickpunks. Information on buying tickets in English is here.

Citybreak – I waited with baited breath to see which festival would secure the two biggest names performing in Japan at Summer Sonic, only for none of them to grab Metallica and Muse.  So I was quite please to see this all-new event that is being shaped around them.  Along with the above mentioned headliners, this fest has already added Limp Bizkit, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Ash, Japandroids, Rise Against, The Used, Rocket From the Crypt, and White Lies along with Apollo 18, Kiha & Faces, and Goonam. Information on buying tickets in English is here.

There are also a few smaller events that are definitely worth checking out, most with predominantly local line ups, but they are all definitely worth your time.

Horock Horock festival in Daejeon (July 5-6)

Stepping Stone Festival in Jeju (July 13)

Busan International Rock Festival (Aug 2-4)

Lets Rock Festival (Sep13-14)

We will try to keep you up-to-date as more acts are added to all of the above events, so keep checking out Korea Gig Guide and good luck with your 2013 summer fest decisions.