Zandari Festa 2016 – Five Questions with Masafumi Kawamoto

The fifth annual Zandari Festa is taking place in Hongdae from September 30 –
October 3. To spotlight some of the event’s performers, Korea Gig Guide is asking a bunch of acts five simple questions.

For this installment, we’re talking with Japanese singer-songwriter Masafumi Kawamoto. Zandari 2016 will be his first performance overseas and he is anxious to share his music with new audiences. Check out Masafumi’s answers below!

Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2016?

I am excited because everything will be a new experience for me and Korea is a country I’ve really wanted to go to.

What can people expect from a Masafumi Kawamoto live show?

You can enjoy rock music even though I am not a band, but rather a solo singer with a guitar.

For fest-goers not familiar with you yet, what should they know about you?

I play acoustic rock. I am cool and very, very friendly.

Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2016?

I would like to try Korean food, especially Shin ramen.

If you can go drinking with another Zandari Festa act, who do you want it to be?

Everyone, including all the staff!

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